Should I start using webp format?

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  • utopian2

    Why not? Particularly if you are creating a new website for yourself and the new website is image heavy. Google will eventually reward you by indexing your website with a higher search ranking.

    • First, simply compress all of your JPGs using the "batch process" on:

    • Then convert all of your compressed JPGs to WebP using:…

    Or download "Bulk Images to WebP Converter" from the Google store:…

    Or If you are using the newest Wordpress, enable the WebP plugin and it will automatically generate WebP from your uploaded JPGs on the fly.

    • tinypng does webp, prob best doing the conversion before compression no?kingsteven
    • Yes compress your JPGs with tinypng and then connect them with tinypng to WebPutopian
    • I have used many JPG compression tools and hands down does the best JPG compression (free or paid) on the web.utopian
    • Yeah, why are you doing what amounts to two compression operations? That seems.. not quite right.Nairn
    • Best practice would be to use the picture tag and use both WebP and also JPG file as a fallback.yuekit
    • But yeah, I can vouch for the fact that your SEO in Google will improve, based on nothing more than using Google's image format (admittedly it is also faster).yuekit
    • According to Google's new algorithm updates...they're trying to force everyone with a Website to conform to their new WebP format...and yeah fuck Google!utopian
    • @Nairn I tried both ways with and without tinypng's JPG compression > WebP compression...and just using WebP compression. The results are...utopian
    • ...much better when you compress a JPG and then convert WebP while using tinypng. The files size and file quality is superior.utopian
    • BTW use Google's Lighthouse tool and just follow every suggestion they make and your SEO will improve. Using WebP is in there somewhere, but there areyuekit
    • lots of other random things they want you to do from a technical perspective that most sites aren't doing.yuekit
    • I'm so glad I don't have to develop websites and I can focus on graphic design alone. :)monospaced
    • @monospaced or you're just too dumb to create websites

      here some help:…

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