Should I start using webp format?

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  • Nairn6

    Fuck Google.

    • Would you not be better off preparing for JpegXL? Webp's only worth it now if you're playing with animation or need an alpha channel.Nairn
    • Does Safari support webp 100%? I know it was added only very recently and like it or not, Safari's critical. Probably moreso than fucking Chrome for you.Nairn
    • < thishans_glib
    • < And Fuck Safari as well.utopian
    • Fuck Apple for only allowing Safari-based browsers on iPhone etc, but yes - Fuck Em All.Nairn
    • I use chrome on iPhone as the default browserSimonFFM
    • ^ It's just a front, the rendering engine is still Safari.zarkonite
    • I wonder if HEIC will be nextkaiyohtee
    • FF is decent on ioskaiyohtee
    • Guys, bring back Flash and swf. Pleaze.shapesalad
    • Chrome on iOS or Mac is a battery killer!!!nb
    • Webp was added to Safari/macOS starting with macOS Mojave some years back. It's read-only though, so you won't be able to create Webp files with Preview, etc.evilpeacock
    • To the above, this is a useful converter for macOS:
    • HEIF and AVIF are newer and better than Webp, also open source (not Google) and getting some traction in use by services like Netflix. So that's coming...evilpeacock
    • ^yes, always good to know but also difficult to keep up with technologies...SimonFFM
    • I've been using Chrome on my iPhone and iPad for ages without any issues.CyBrainX

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