Should I start using webp format?

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  • SimonFFM0

    Thank you, guys! I didn’t expect such in depth answers.

    Technically speaken: my website is using a self-programmed CMS. It would be difficult for me to serve both, JPG and WEBP.

    Only serving WEBP might be bad because of only recently added Safari support.

    I don’t need to serve HQ images. Compression is fine because otherwise people steal and sell my photos (happened in the past, even on sites like Catawiki).

    All my images are already compressed with magick (a tool google recommended). Tinypng gives about 10kb better results but not more. The magick tool runs on my machine, so it’s fine.

    I guess I will move to WEBP but wait a few more months for this.

    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!

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