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  • SimonFFM0

    I took this photo in Ibiza:

    It was my first time photographing analog in over 20 years. The film was developed by the model as the camera was hers. So she owns the picture but I took the photo.

    • So you took the photo, she owns the picture, but surely the film manufacturer and camera maker played a bigger part in all this?shapesalad
    • Nonb
    • I love film with all my heart but it’s getting so expensive that I’m actually starting to consider a Leica M digital to save money! lulznb
    • Switched to digital M in 2020. Never going back to film.futurefood
    • Was the sole purpose to using film on this shoot for her to keep ownership?futurefood
    • It's the only shot I took with her camera. Basically memories for herself.SimonFFM
    • "GREAT ASS!" - Al Pacinobabydick_
    • Lovely warm tones Simon which film did you use?HijoDMaite
    • @nb no matter how much I try to ditch film there is something about getting back a scan of film when it hits just right. It’s a rush for me.HijoDMaite
    • cost is ridiculous yes but the feeling that an analog photo sets it apart from the million photographers out there is worth it. It’s a much harder shit to nail.HijoDMaite
    • nice work :) she did goodsted
    • Yeah getting film back is an experience that never gets old.nb
    • And yes it’s harder but it’s not that hardnb
    • @Hijo It was all the models gear, I don't know which film.SimonFFM
    • Personally I am happy not to shoot film anymore. It was a pain in the ass back in the days.SimonFFM

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