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  • scarabin1

    I think humans overestimate the complexity and uniqueness of their consciousness.

    Look at say, a cat, who many believe to lack a consciousness.

    It feels hunger, which indicates <desire>.

    It is highly capable at pattern recognition, which it uses to get food. With pattern recognition and success or failure comes <expectation>, <happiness>, and <disappointment>. It forms profiles of people and things around it.

    It displays <gratitude> for being provided these things.

    It purrs to show <contentment>.

    These are basic-ass expressions of any lifeform, and yet at the same time are sophisticated human emotions that many consider to be unique to consciousness. If a thing it conscious, it is sentient.

    We can write a cat, just as we wrote lambda. We wrote it to have emotions that are affected by the things around it, and things it learns. Why is this not a valid consciousness? Humans have been fine with “god” “writing” us for thousands of years, how is this different?

    • The fact is we’re fucking robots ourselvesscarabin
    • <, < and thrice <

      Not to go on, but having a kid shows you how utterly robotical and programmatical a young human is. It's a bit scary.
    • ..and thus anyone who's actually been a considerate and attentive parent will realise how stupid the Roe vs. Wade Bullshit is, if they're honest.Nairn
    • *I've* never fucked a robot.sarahfailin

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