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    Just dropped my daughter off at nursery. We were running a bit late so I ended up hoisting her on top of my shoulders and leg it so that I could there in time. It might not be common knowledge, but it is fucking hot out there today, so despite my only lugging her a couple of hundred metres, I was drenched in sweat. Got in a minute or so early, so had to wait with other parents 'til the doors opened. Put daughter on ground to unpack her bag and she announces, loud enough for everyone to hear "MY PUSSY IS SO WET".

    I couldn't help but laugh, but the weird woman who either works in a local pub or just spends her entire existence smoking outside of it, gave me a less than appreciative look.

    • Oh boy ... lol!monospaced
    • lolYakuZoku
    • ohhhhh boi lolpango
    • front page :)monospaced
    • LOLrzu-rzu
    • hahahaahOBBTKN
    • Yikes! LOLAkagiyama
    • Yikes! I don’t have daughters but I thought they all used cute code names for their girly parts?_niko
    • Is that the word you use at home?monospaced
    • Yes, yes it is.Nairn
    • LOL. That's the funnier part.
      You've only got yourself to blame.
    • Does her mum call it fica?palimpsest
    • Italians have a hundred different names for pussy. I don't what else I'd call it in English. Cute code names are ..weird, everything else is too biological.Nairn
    • 'Pussy is pussy' as I once said to a friend who regretted (or at least claimed to) sleeping with an ugly girl.Nairn
    • Anyway, better than the time my daughter said "you cunt!" to my Dad when he didn't give her something from the fridge. That was a hard one to explain... .Nairn
    • Notwithstanding her entirely correct usage.Nairn
    • Your should tell her not to use that word in public anymore. The proper word is moist.palimpsest
    • Don't know your story, is there no Mrs Nairn involved?sea_sea
    • lolKrassy
    • OMG... : )falcadia
    • @sea_sea - nope I pushed and pushed that surprisingly un-wee creature through my urethra three and some years ago, all alone like some 21st C. Mary (him/it)Nairn
    • #birthing personpalimpsest
    • It's a 'fanny' in this house.microkorg
    • 'My fanny is so wet!' would be as funny, in my book :)Nairn
    • Hahah yup.microkorg
    • LOLsMrT
    • What do Italians call pussy?cherub
    • I heard they call it 'slitta' in swedish. Or another word that means roughly "the trail that snails make"cherub
    • What should she have said instead?drgs
    • When I think about it, Nairn always refers to his other half as "partner"...drgs
    • it shows nairn lolsea_sea
    • Jesus! Haha. Poor lass, as it has been totally boiling today. Stay cool, gang!Ianbolton
    • I've always found it sus that he refers to his baby momma as his pardner.palimpsest
    • With so many options out there: bae, boo, main squeeze, shawty.palimpsest
    • pepepango

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