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  • Gardener26

    and my wee lad turns 18 today!

    • if he had been born an hour earlier we would have had the same birthday!Gardener
    • Smiling faces, beautiful all around ❤Wordsworth
    • feel good thread of the day!cherub
    • Wow! How did you know what to do? Ok, it was your 3rd, guess by then you know.
      Happy 60+1day Birthday to you and happy 18th to your kid!
    • Beautiful family ❤️mort_
    • I took on her 2 kids when they were 6 & 8 so they're my steps,this lad is ours.Gardener
    • I had 40 years of not bothered with kids then get 3 lol, always glad I got travelling etc out of my system before meeting my good ladyGardener
    • delivering babies is over-rated, trick is not to panic and use common senseGardener
    • congrats buddy... that's a great pic of you and your family there :) very cute :)
      we just celebrated my daughters 19th on Sunday :)
    • Congrats and proper!! xoxoxhydro74

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