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  • DaveO5

    Took my kids to the world's biggest bouncy house / castle this weekend. I ran up to the first one and launched a somersault, and very nearly passed out as something popped in my core. Thought I'd broken a rib but i think I've just strained a bunch of muscles. Now in agony every time i move my core, which as it turns out is quite a fucking lot. Thanks a lot 40!

    • Wait till you're 50 ;)OBBTKN
    • Flew off my kid's swingset in flip flops. Landed, then slid and all of my weight came to rest on my tailbone. Pain for weeks!misterhow
    • Pics please (of the bouncy house)!SimonFFM
    • https://thebigbounce…DaveO
    • Wow, looks fun!SimonFFM
    • Yes and I'd have enjoyed it way more if not for a completely needless injury! Kids loved it!DaveO
    • Ah that sucks man. That place looks like Fall Guys IRL.garbage
    • I'd also like to see photos of the bouncy house.CyBrainX

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