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  • drgs2

    People are submitting AI-generated images to Shutterstock/Getty images. So what happens when next generation image AI scrapes these AI-generated images and learns from them?

    • we finally get video feedback art in color!uan
    • "Getty Images bans AI-generated content over fears of legal challenges"grafician
    • https://www.theverge…grafician
    • "Getty Images CEO Craig Peters told The Verge that the ban was prompted by concerns about the legality of AI-generated content and a desire to protect the site’grafician
    • ^ told you there were copyrights issues with all AI generated content :)grafician
    • gaitty imagesshapesalad
    • That's what DALL-E, Midjourney, etc are for. They're GANs. The current human input is forming a discriminitive library bank..garbage
    • ..eventually the "writers" will not be necessary. The "A" in GAN stands for Adversarial. The whole point of the system is total automation.garbage
    • Said it before, said it again: If you're in your mid-30s and spent your entire life learning Adobe, bad fucking news for us.garbage
    • Basic things like Adobe Express? Guarantee you that data and feedback is going to Sensei.garbage
    • There will be a massive "FUCK ADOBE" thread surge a few years down the road whenever they unveil whatever monster they are working on.garbage
    • I asked a getty rep in a meeting about this very thing five years ago and the bitch laughed, brushed me off, and gave me a promo thumb drivescarabin
    • garbage, I get the idea. but what do they need the human input for? they can feed the machine with art history / reviews already.uan
    • I'm guessing most of these libraries already have a baked-in Louvre, but why not have a bigger library for what is currently trending?garbage
    • Neither side uses the brakes in a zero-sum game.garbage

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