Russia-Ukraine Invasion

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  • pr23

    Putin is a reflection of a Soviet way of thinking that promulgates through much of Russian society. So don't assume that Putin's death will change much. In some strange way, Putin is great for the West because the longer he's alive, the longer we supply weapons and intelligence to Ukraine, the longer the Russia's prolongs this war, the less power this Soviet state of mind has in the World. After Putin there will be another Soviet "Tsar."

    • navalny ... cant get worse than putin at this moment threading the world with nuclear war...neverscared
    • I think Navalny is too fringe, Westerners like him but in Russia he's not that popularyuekit
    • Best you can hope for is maybe the current prime minister who is supposedly more of a liberal
    • i agree too fringe...neverscared
    • How about Zelenskyy?Nairn

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