Russia-Ukraine Invasion

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  • Continuity1

    Well, now.

    • The mass Rusky surrenders should be entertaining.Continuity
    • 300k, 2.5mill, 3mill, now 1mill
    • @cont They've been using barrier troops since the beginning of the invasion. AKA a load of Chechen goons at the back of the line waiting to kill deserters.garbage
    • It will be a combo of barrier troops overrun and mass surrenders.garbage
    • rusky tactics haven't changed since they pushed the hun out of stalingrad. continue to pile in millions of cannon fodder until the other guy gives uphans_glib
    • Peskov denies information about 1M to be mobilisedsted
    • In a few years time there's going to be a lot of Russian chicks on your dating websites. After all these 20-35 yo's are slaughtered.shapesalad
    • gonna be slapstick to see how they operate the malfunctioning drones from iran.... if it would be funny deep down...neverscared
    • there's already a lot of ukranian chicks. crazy.oey_oey
    • ^Continuity
    • You jest, but you're very right. This may be the beginning of the end of Russia, shapesalad.MondoMorphic

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