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  • Wordsworth7

    • Fittingly, young garbage was spanked over this fucking song. SOP for tornado warnings in elementary school was that we all had to squat down by the lockers..garbage
    • ..cover our heads and hope we don't get hit. We once had an afternoon where tornadoes were forming all around, and I started singing this song.garbage
    • It got a laugh, but it also got me spanked by my science teacher in front of the entire school.garbage
    • ^ username checks outKrassy
    • A teacher touched you? What the fuck.monospaced
    • Oh more than once. ADHD in the late 90s in Alabama public schools was not a winning mix for me.garbage
    • Corporal punishment is still legal there, they just have to file a report. But I highly doubt the numbers are honest.garbage
    • https://parcalabama.…garbage
    • find the science teacher today and pay them a visitKrassy
    • Ha, I'm not bothered. She's probably succumbed to fat and misery, which in a way is a form of corporal punishment.garbage
    • In elementary school my PE teacher threatened to spank me then my martial arts instructor dad came to my class the next day and put him in his place infront ofYakuZoku
    • The entire classYakuZoku
    • lol moldy, amazing.garbage

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