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  • haga11

    I kind of collect cigars. I buy to smoke them, but since I age them for a minimum of ten years it's sort of a collection.

    • I didn’t realize they get better with age. What’s the rarest?scarabin
    • How much you invested so far, and what do you think current collection value is?shapesalad
    • If it's good tobacco it works pretty much like aging wine. And it's basically the same storage conditions. Don't have anything super rare.haga
    • Partagas Serie D Especial Edicion Limitada 2010 maybe. Rare in the sense that they just made a certain amount of boxes.haga
    • Do different vintages have different tastes? Can you tell what year a cigar is from?drgs
    • Shape, low balling I'd say they're worth $20k but probably closer to 25. But much more if I go over my ten years and sell them at an auction.haga
    • And just counting what I paid for what I got now and not counting all the stuff I've smoked over the years I'd say $7k maybe.haga
    • Drgs, crops tend to taste different but it's not like you can tell if it's a crop from 14 or 16. Some years are better than others. They smooth out with age.haga
    • How are your lungs?shapesalad
    • thought that first shot were shipping containers...wordssssss
    • Oh, they're great. Just did my yearly check up. A little high on the cholesterol, though.haga
    • AwesomeYakuZoku
    • Holy.. shit. I thought I was cool for having some old smuggled Montecristo 2s (actual Cuban) from back when they were illegal.garbage
    • Guessing you're a purist, so you'll probably hate that I blunted them. Grab your DeWalt, carefully incrementally bore a 11/64 center about halfway down.garbage
    • Extra fine grind on your favorite flower (Thai Diesel tastes amazing with No 2), gently pack it in. Best blunt ever.garbage
    • Are your walls and ceiling brown?drgs

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