AI Up-Res Plugins for Photoshop

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  • evilpeacock0

    Adobe's "Enhance" is supposedly on par with Topaz quality-wise, but features way less control or options for tweaking — which eat up lots of time when using Topaz.

    Also Adobe's version is best with RAW image input, so to get the best results with video you'd need to batch out RAW-level footage to a RAW image sequence and then batch that in Bridge/Lightroom. Then re-ingest the upscaled image sequence frames. That's the best test scenario you could probably use.

    • Topaz's video enlarger is pretty awesome, too. Took 864x486 video enlarged to 1920x1080 and it's passable.formed
    • Yeah, from my research Topaz is probably the best overall choice if you don't mind learning how to tweak its settings, but Adobe's built-in is no slouch for RAWevilpeacock

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