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  • Gnash4

    • Built at the same time.
      100,000 people built the pyramids.
      150 people built Stonehenge.
      Our ancestors weren't weak, just few.
    • Stonehenge was a lot bigger too, but I imagine folk wanted rid of the stones as they took over the land.PhanLo
    • Imagine saying that about Egypt's lack of technical progress in the last 300+ yearsChimp
    • misses and i were discussing buying this place‚Ķkingsteven
    • dolmen 1000 years older than the pyramids in the front yardkingsteven
    • Dang, nice spot, KingGnash
    • Not older than pyramids, thoughGnash
    • Plaque says 2000bcGnash
    • old plaque (so old it's listed too :D), it's believed to be Neolithickingsteven
    • HahaGnash
    • solid reason for a divorceBeeswax
    • rock-solidkingsteven
    • Buy it kingsteven, we can cook steaks on this thingspl33nidoru
    • ¬£365k for that a mere 7 bed? Pfft, you should see what we can get here in London for that kind of cash...!Nairn
    • ^ sure, but would it have a really old pile of rocks out front?Gnash
    • Do crackheads count?Nairn
    • @kingsteven, too many horror movies start with people buying unique properties like that. Then it's moving furniture, bleeding walls etc..ETM

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