FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

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  • spl33nidoru9

    Dayum, Japan!
    Beating Germany 2-1

    I've had a sweet spot for Japan and South Korea these past 4 or 5 WCs, they're eager to shine.

    • Fantastic; their forward(s) move like Mexicans!!!

      : )
    • This is a fucked WC so far.
      Saudi beat Argentina.
      Japan beat Germany.
      England actually won something.

      My word.
    • ^ True! Most worried Quatar not being a foot nation this WC would lack the passion and fever we love, but it's shaping up to be an unexpectedly interesting one.spl33nidoru
    • At this point, I highly doubt DE are going to leave their group. Their next match is against ES.Continuity
    • As the Guardian helpfully reminds us: 'The result the last time they met, in November 2020? Spain 6-0 Germany.'Continuity
    • Spain - Costa Rica in 30 min, let's see how that goesspl33nidoru
    • Imagine if CR win or even hold ES to a draw. That would fuck everything up.Continuity
    • I'm always rooting for Spain to lose, don't know how they are these days but they were proper dickheads the past few times.spl33nidoru
    • For me, it's Italy. Arrogant cunts.Continuity
    • I was about to say that the only time I wish for Spain to win is against Italy hahaspl33nidoru
    • ^ And there it is! :D Too right!Continuity
    • Italy are in Italy right now; LOVE IT!ideaist
    • What a second half performance by the Samurai BLUEstoplying
    • I am glad, I didn't watch it. I went to the beach instead.SimonFFM
    • check site of the day thread SimonFFMGardener
    • Imagine Qatar vs Japan in the finalsdrgs
    • Qatar have to learn how to play football first.Continuity

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