FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

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    Yeah, I don't think we'll be seeing any upsets/surprises here.

    Spain 2:0 Costa Rica at 21"

    • Jesus. If there's a team at this WC just there to make up the numbers, it's Costa Rica.Continuity
    • 7:0Miesfan
    • This is really agonising to watch.Continuity
    • CR bless them, they're doing the best they can (which is limited), but it's clear they've lost the will to live.Continuity
    • spain was luckyBeeswax
    • Missed the game, I was joking about Brazil yesterday but it's not fun to see a team lose by so much. Unless it's Italy of course.spl33nidoru
    • Also not fun seeing an official needlessly add 8 minutes' extra time on a match like this.Continuity
    • And actually, it *was* fun watching Brazil getting curb-stomped like that. They need to have egos put in check every so often.Continuity
    • Costa rica were totally curb-stomped. Almost felt sorry for themIanbolton

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