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  • dee-dubs11

    Boss lineup

    • Great stuff. I went to the last one he did, which was absolutely bonkers. Mike Paradinas played on some small bandstand-type stage.Ianbolton
    • I was at that and would be tempted to go again if the sound wasn't such an issue. Always is in Victoria Park.Fax_Benson
    • Fuck, I recognise much of that line-up. What gives? Luckily I'll be stewing on a beach in Italy then, which is what ginger people fucking love doing.Nairn
    • Was also at the last FD he did in London, was in some huge custom aircraft hanger like structure - sound was amazing! if outdoor stage the sound will be poopdee-dubs
    • Remember the guy climbing up the hanger structure at the end? Probably on drugs. Mad bastard! I was on drugs and thought it was part of the performanceIanbolton
    • huh? people go outside to see music performed live? I thought we all just used headphones and spotify.shapesalad
    • i wanna go there threadneverscared
    • "That’s like putting Greta Thunberg & Esso on the same bill" Geoff Barrow - InstagramIanbolton
    • tickets?
      lol these notes
    • sted, sign up for pre-sale announcement https://www.qbn.com/…imbecile
    • ohh, i missed that :) thank you!sted

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