Russia-Ukraine Invasion

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    Government of Ukraine approved dismissal of heads of regional administration of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Kherson and Sumy regions.

    • Probably the most corrupt government that has ever existed on the European continent; and the Biden's are dick deep in this shit.Khurram
    • For the love of God, it's time to freeze the battle lines and sue for peace.Khurram
    • lol Green Shirt Guy goes on the scrounge for cash and it magically appears in his pal's pockets! The Russians did it!face_melter
    • Watch as the Banderites hoover up the cash and have themselves a little nazi coup in a few years with all that hardware knocking about.face_melter
    • @Khurram aye the Rassan gov, these gigantic revenues from oil and gas would have been spent on the development of the military it would be a different war.sted
    • Bidenbot can't do anything else, you are overthinking this a bit...everyone takes part in this, from Poland to the French to the Portuguesested
    • "Most corrupt government"
    • you only focus on the US. meantime, the French are protesting again because of the pension reforms. oddly, always just when the war is getting loudersted
    • Russia is more corrupt than Ukraine according to this so clearly if you care about corruption you should start rooting for Ukraine.yuekit
    • Also it's a great thing they kicked out Yanukovych
    • I was talking about Europe. Russia is a Eurasian power dimwit. I don't care about corruption. Couldn't give 2 fucks about Ukraine.Khurram
    • Or the word order you're desperately trying to preserve.jai_p
    • Meanwhile, 600,000 dead in 2 years of fighting in Tigray.. But these slavs and their dubiously drawn up borders are more important.Khurram
    • It's not about borders or people's lives. It's about the American dominated world order and it's attempts to check any regional power that might emerge toKhurram
    • challenge that supremacy.Khurram
    • One set of corrupt oligarchs replaced by another. Big fucking deal.Khurram
    • We knew what this NATO led conflict was about from day 1 lol…Khurram
    • Like I give a fuck about your corrupt governments or your internecine slavic conflictsKhurram
    • "We knew what this NATO led conflict was about from day 1" Did you really? I seem to recall that just like every other person reading pro-Russia media,yuekit
    • you were convinced Russia would never invade Ukraine and even called people idiots for correctly predicting what would happen. The question you're leftyuekit
    • wondering is why Russian media has any credibility after that. They lied to all their supporters about the most fundamental question of whether there would be ayuekit
    • war at all, how are you so sure they're not lying to you now?yuekit
    • This blog you cited as a good source is a great example of this.
    • "Could the U.S. defend Ukraine militarily? What could do in the face of a Russian invasion? The answer is, almost nothing."yuekit
    • https://www.nakedcap…yuekit
    • "Unprovoked Russian invasion... this seems to be the least likely outcome" lolyuekit
    • Where's the faith in pro Russia media coming from? For that matter, why do people think Putin knows what he's doing in the first place?yuekit
    • What pro Russian media?Khurram
    • Oh wait, if you don't slavshly follow the State Department line your automatically pro-Russian. Sound logic there little banana boy bitchKhurram
    • Back to what I said earlier. 600,000 dead in Tigray, and I'm meant to give a fuck about this internecine slavic conflict as presaging the end of history.Khurram
    • Yeah right, Get fucked.Khurram
    • One set of corrupt oligarchs replaced by another. Big fucking deal. Where's your balance?Khurram
    • But you're doing a stand up job selling us the Euro-American line, busy little banana.Khurram
    • Where do my opinions come from? My visceral hatred of the American led liberal world order. Whose collapse I'm watching with great fucking glee.Khurram
    • Haha yeah I understand that...I think you'll be disappointed. I don't think the liberal world order is actually collapsing at this point.yuekit
    • Mmmmhmmm. The arc of history is long my friend...Khurram
    • USA got beaten pretty badly in Vietnam half a century ago and that just led to an era of American dominance. Things don't always follow some prefab narrativeyuekit
    • So why should I care more about the borders of Ukraine over and above all other global conflicts currently ablaze on this planet that have killed multipleKhurram
    • magnitudes of more people?Khurram
    • One that is currently being fought by one of the most corrupt and authoritarian governments in Europe?Khurram
    • And why do you?Khurram
    • And what Russian media? Name ONE Russian source I have ever quoted.Khurram
    • ... take your time, I can wait, i know i have a bit of posting history to go through lolKhurram
    • Meantime, who gives a FUCK about these Africans
    • https://www.thenatio…Khurram
    • what about what about don't what about it me how dare you you recontextualise things only we get to frame the narrative how we choose.Khurram
    • Civilisation begins and ends with Europe dammit! The great shining beacon of light for all humanity that has ever existed the absolute pinnacle of human societyKhurram
    • if Europe is lost then all of the world is doomed to nihilistic despair, oh the horror! :O!Khurram
    • Timothy Snyder said so... he's an expert on Nazis lolKhurram
    • I would consider someone like Aaron Mate to be part of the pro Russian media. There's a whole network of people, some are directly connected, others are justyuekit
    • being fed talking points but you can definitely see that they push the same narrative as the Russian government.yuekit
    • And my narrative: these are the violent convulsions of an emergent multi-polar world order and the desperate attempts of the US hegemon to arrest its declineKhurram
    • And your just feeding us the talking points of the neo-progressive centrist hawks desperate to avert said inveitable decline of American hegemony.Khurram
    • But if you buy the idea there was an American or Western coup in Ukraine and it's a proxy war against Russia, that would mean America now controls part of theyuekit
    • former USSR. That seems like the opposite of declining American hegemony doesn't it?yuekit
    • I think that's an overly simplistic explanation of what's happening but some people believe that. Either way you're seeing tens of millions of people in formeryuekit
    • Soviet states turning decisively against Russia. I don't see what reason there is to support Putin vs younger generation of people in this part of the world.yuekit
    • Do you have a paywall bypasser to read this?Khurram
    • American economic warfare against the likes of Russia/Iran etc., has spectacularly backfiredKhurram
    • A wave from anti-Gringo governments now in power in Latin America... potentiating the reemergence if the BRICS++Khurram
    • I'm sorry, i tire, *out*Khurram
    • one last bit of reading i started yesterday: https://academic.oup…Khurram
    • From that notorious pro-Putin insitution, Oxford University, hehKhurram
    • I think what influenced my views on this was witnessing the protests in Hong Kong, then also pro-democracy protests in Thailand over the past few years.yuekit
    • There was also a coup in Myanmar, this is now the second worst conflict after Ukraine in terms of casualties. The common thread is authoritarian rulers grabbingyuekit
    • power for themselves and wiping out democratic institutions. Putin is the funder and backer of shitty authoritarian leaders around the world, he also directlyyuekit
    • supports the Myanmar military. I think Russia losing in Ukraine will also discourage China from trying to invade Taiwan.yuekit

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