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  • PhanLo2

    • Was that done using that java thing you linked a while back that I got excited about?Nairn
    • I followed this After Effects one Nairn.
      Surprising simple setup…
    • Can generate a lot of different variations quickly too :-)PhanLo
    • Ah, shit for me - I don't do AE. BOOO :)Nairn
    • It's a super simple setup, I could even email you a templatePhanLo
    • I found a couple online though. This one does a nice style you can draw in https://pmneila.gith…PhanLo
    • This one has image input…PhanLo
    • Mm, it's a form of Turing pattern, which I have a lot of interest in - you can get Photoshop to do them too. I just like the quality of the QBN one here :)Nairn
    • Yeah, I created an action in Photoshop based on YT clip that seemed to work pretty well. I remember you doin some experiments before...PhanLo
    • ..something calming about the shapes.
      Previous attempts in AE didn't get really good results, but the movement is quite nice in this. Not a perfect loop though
    • We did a night a while back and one of the inputs was a guy on Touch Designer doing those patterns live that were great as displacement. Should really learn itPhanLo

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