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    My situation is getting difficult as I'm looking for a part-time job till 36 hours max. for the last for months in Leipzig where we moved in September.

    I've already sent 20 applications as graphic designer, multimedia designer, web designer, even as unexperienced UX/UI designer and the craziest of all, one to work as mail man!

    Yes, you've read that right.

    Today I went to the unemployment center and they suggested that if I would like to keep my freelance status I should maybe go work for DHL moving packages at the Airport!


    • Maybe I should have invested more in my design career, not being anti-agency instead of doing streetart and trying to get somewhere with it and giving workshopsoey_oey
    • After 6 months practically without work and no real network in a new city my humble savings almost disappeared...damn!oey_oey
    • I feel for you oey... "Freedom" sometimes is painfull af.OBBTKN
    • If life as a freelance can be defined as "freedom" :(

      Good luck in your search!!
    • If I lived nearby an airport I'd be more than happy to move packages all day. So tired of clicking mouse buttons and staring at a screen all my life.shapesalad
    • I would say, do it, go for the airport job - why? Because you do it for 6 months, it builds a buffer, it takes the pressure off.shapesalad
    • In your spare time, you need to go monk mode - cut all distractions, tv, etc. And focus. You don't need a big goal, you need to build a good habit.shapesalad
    • The habit is building a great portfolio, polishing skills, building a social media presence, networking online/real life.shapesalad
    • Chip away at it, 90mins per day.... in a year you'll be closer to where you want to be in life.shapesalad
    • Once you got a smart clear Portfolio site, email all design studios in Leipzig offering to take the load for them when things get busy, freelance style.shapesalad
    • Right now is a hard time for all design services, as the sectors biggest client is the tech sector - which is being killed with layoffs and capital tightening.shapesalad
    • Ride it out with something like the airport job, at least you'll be so physically worn out that sitting at computer after work will be appealing.shapesalad
    • <3 shapesalad, that is so true, I'm just really tired after one year parental leave and another year supporting my partner in her full time job and PhDoey_oey
    • I look back and in the last three years I barely accomplished anything...and the idea that it will take another year...but yes, you are definitely right and...oey_oey
    • ...and that's a very positive approach!oey_oey
    • thanks OBBTKN! you kow.oey_oey
    • have you tried sites like fiver or upwork for gigs? Not sure if they only benefit people in poorer countries where they can afford to work for next to nothing_niko
    • or as someone else posted on here, hit up companies on linkedin who have posted for jobs and say you can take on some projects until they fill that position_niko
    • Hi _niko, most of my applications have been via LinkedIn but yes, I definitely have to approach companies like that.oey_oey
    • I'm also applying to remote jobs in companies within a radius of 150kmoey_oey
    • oey, are you on LinkedIn? Most of my connections are on the German agency scene, and I'd be happy to maye a post saying you're looking ...Continuity
    • ... and linking to your profile and portfolio.

      If you are, get on the QBN Discord, and DM me.
    • Actually, when I say 'most', probably, like, 60%. I've also been trying to beef up my agency connections in France and Spain.Continuity
    • Mail Man may be a good fit. If its an early shift you get your days work done before lunch! Then you have rest of day to yourself for street arting.microkorg
    • Have a friend who worked as a postie for years and loved it for those reasons.microkorg
    • ^ that's the reason I applied, it's a well paid job, in a credible company, the benefits and working hours.oey_oey
    • my brother worked many years as mail man but fucked it upoey_oey

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