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    As regards the website I think there are too many individual projects. I want to know what services you're offering from the start. I can see them on the menu but I would like you to tell me. I would also like to see right away your strongest projects. If you give me the choice to pick on any two from the list they might not be the ones for me or your strongest and I would leave. I also think the description for each project should be more visible and given more importance.
    Other than that I like your work. I think the Beehance portfolio has more of a chance of making a good first impression.

    • "services you're offering"
      it's there on the right side, i guess its sorted by the strongest to the weakest. art should be separated
    • "I can see them on the menu but I would like you to tell me."palimpsest
    • #hookedonphonicspalimpsest
    • and yet you accept that i wrote right side when it's clearly on the left.
      #playeduagain :D
    • Reading is also about understating the context . I understood what you were referring to since there is no list sorted from strongest to weakest on the right.palimpsest
    • #hookedonphonicspalimpsest
    • yup, yeah thisrequires too much digging. Thanks!srhadden
    • @step
      If you think you played me I'm happy for you, chief!
      Have a blessed day!
    • thanks @palipest lolsted
    • anyway, i'm not sure that was written by you or an ai.sted
    • Oh, you two!Continuity

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