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  • skinny_puppy0

    Wow. I have tried creating a number of new servers. Thought I could proxy through them to continue the downloads. But they are all blocked. Both on DigitalOcean and Linode.

    Even my trusty old server with a few blogs on it that has never even seen an Imgur link is blocked. It's like all these IP addresses have just been blanket blocked.

    • Interestingly, ever since I plugged in my images links into Haasie on Thursday (or Friday), not a single imgur image shows up for me when I'm on my home WiFi.Continuity
    • It's all broken.Continuity
    • I've seen similar comments online. I guess Imgur is just blocking swathes of IP addresses.skinny_puppy
    • Interestingly, everything's working again since the last couple of hours. I don't know WTF imgur are doing.Continuity
    • My servers are not that blessed. But my local is working. I'll download what I can here and see how to get it into Haasie afterwards.skinny_puppy

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