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  • neverscared1

    • that'll teach 'emNBQ00
    • poo or chocolate?OBBTKN
    • poopango
    • What are they demonstrating?jagara
    • ^topless poo bathingbezoar
    • farm-girlsElwin74
    • Two girls, a cups.palimpsest
    • @jagara the oil industrtys diarrhea for future and present generation sneverscared
    • Is this kind of demonstration effective in any way? Genuinely curious.jagara
    • god only knows... its a good metapher i think... all that shittoxic waste we have to pay they are purring over the planet..neverscared
    • that last shell investors come together... what a skull show...neverscared
    • now its highly likely too late anyway.... these kind of critics to pollution on that scale would have been mandatory in the 70-80ties...neverscared
    • performance (f)artKrassy
    • you normally have to pay good money for this on onlyfans.hydro74
    • Haters wanna hate
      Lovers wanna love
      I don't even want
      None of the above
      I want to piss on you
      Yes I do, I'll piss on you
      I'll pee on you
    • They're Last Generation activists. The mud is supposed to represent flooding and rising river banks.garbage
    • It's dumb, but the world is dying. Let the kids think they're doing something important.garbage

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