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  • utopian7

    • yeah but the ladies see the umbrella dude on the right and think " this guy fucks!"_niko
    • In Seattle, the ladies see the umbrella dude and thinks "This guy doesn't fuck!".garbage
    • @garbage I was mocked for carrying an umbrella in Seattle once lolBuddhaHat
    • the ladies think ┬┤this guy fucks other people over !neverscared
    • @Buddha lol, not surprised. Umbrella screams target / tourist here. You just need a good jacket. The rains are coming, and I can't wait.garbage
    • when i lived in seattle it seemed like the real locals just got wet and tried to stay inside.sarahfailin
    • Ha yeah. Some people love it, some hate it. I'm the former. It is about time to set out a pile of towels by the door for the dogs.garbage
    • And break out the SAD lamp.garbage

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