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  • scarabin5

    Thought i ordered like four grams, ended up with several ounces instead. What to do with all these damn truffles???

    • Sell them to local restaurants at a nice mark-up?Continuity
    • ^OBBTKN
    • Ah, there you are. I was about to start a thread... .

      Go all in on a pasta dish with too many?
    • keep them in rice.hans_glib
    • gift them to your qbn friends for xmas... I can provide an address right here in the notes!!!!! <3 <3PonyBoy
    • Shave them on EVERYTHING!!!ideaist
    • throw em in duffel, and give em a lil shufflestoplying
    • Lol nairn. Just chew on ‘em whole.

      Just made infused oil, butter, and salt. Probably will make a ridiculous mac ’n’ cheese tonight
    • If you eat eggs, store some with a few eggs in a container. The smell gets right into the eggs.thumb_screws
    • gram... ounces...pango
    • make a true truffle aiolifeel
    • order link?imbecile
    • Try that infused oil on popcorn w/ freshly grated parmesankoma_
    • Truffles don't infuse in oil. That's the synthetic shit that makes me 'hate truffles'. Real truffles, on the other hand, are pretty darn good.Nairn
    • You can preserve truffles in oil fair enough thoughNairn
    • Blimey how much did that little lot cost? Very jealous. Like Leo and his girlfriends, I’d just shave them everywhere.MrT

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