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  • dasohr

    when I moved in with the lady i tossed my prehistoric tv and am finding myself really annoyed with watching movies on the computer screen. was considering a new flat-screen, but wouldn't mind a projector. any recommendations for good projectors for the home cinema? somewhere < $1k

  • ok_not_ok0
  • Miguex0

    Tons of options under 1k these days, is insane.
    No matter what size your flat screen, you can always get a larger image with a projector if you have enough space between the beamer and the wall.

    Make sure you get something over 15 Lumens, the brighter the bulb the better your chances of enjoying the movie in daytime.

    Things to check:
    Projector noise (might pollute your film's sound if its too loud)
    Heat/ Temperature (if it gets too hot, and your projector is right behind your couch, you might start to sweat, I guess you can mount it higher though)

    Lamp/ Bulb costs (after a specific number of uses, 2k to 5k your lamp will die, and some cost around 800 bucks maybe more so research a bit, maybe the projector is 900 bucks, but lamp is $800)

    PS: Videogames look amazing!

  • 23kon0

    whatever your budget is theres a projector to suit.
    i got one last year 800x600 one for £300 or something like that.
    does me fine for PS3, Bluerays & Dvds.

    You can spend a bit more and get a 1024x768 one but youll be talking £500-600(ish)

    Then if you want to go HD you are talking £700+ to the sky is your limit.

    I have a small crap tv that I use for watching the "tv" on - i.e breakfast programs, the news, soaps and crap but when I want an "experience" for watching a film, sport or playing PS3 i close all the shutters on the windows and fire on the projector.
    I LOVE it and id much rather have one than a large obscene flatscreen.
    Its my living room wall thats the screen.
    My screen is 92 inches :)

    Your only restriction on size is the width/length of your room.

    If youve got a narrow room or want a massive screen you might consider getting a short-throw projector.

    Always worth getting in touch with wholesale places that supply schools and offices with projectors.

    You should definitely get one rather than a new tv. you WONT regret it believe me. And you'll have all your mates coming round to play your console, watch films and sport.
    P.S the girls like it too for a snuggle on the sofa with some popcorn and watching a movie ;) (an excuse to get the lights off lol)

  • spraycan0

    check u_tube, you can build one with an alluminium cookie case