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  • scarabin

    after having lost my trusty point & shoot i'm in the market for a new one.

    i'll mostly be using it at concerts and festivals, so low-light performance and audio quality are important to me. i'll probably want to get all up in the performer's face with my shots, so 10x+ optical zoom is a must. i'll also probably be on drugs at the time so image stabilization and ease of use are a plus. compact is good so i can stick it in my belt bag.

    extra points if it can achieve a DOF effect and makes me look like a pro.

    i'm looking to spend around $300 USD.

    got any suggestions?

    i'm currently looking at this one, but the reviews say audio quality isn't that great in the low bass-y tones: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Cyber…

  • aldebaran0

    get a waterproof/dustproof/shockproof camera.

    that way when you're at burningman sand wont' be a problem, you can drop it and get it soaking wet with vodka and it won't be a problem.

  • Hombre_Lobo0

    10x and good low light usually dont work together so well.

    All the widest aperture f1.8 or f2, (great for low light) compacts have 3-4 times zooms. these cameras -
    Olympus xz-1
    canon s95
    nikon p300
    lumix lx5

    The HX9v you linked is pretty ace, ive played with one loads. It can take 10 full resolution (16mp) shots in 1 second!

    AND the video on it is the best video quality Ive seen from a compact camera, it can do 1080p at 60fps! that's sweet for some half speed full res videos.

    HX9v has a new sensor which is good in low light too.

    LOL @ DOF effect. you of all people! youre a PS pro, you should be ashamed! (nah i get ya, its fun having little time saving gizmos in camera)

    So yeah the HX9v is great, but check flickr and get a feel for the pics, because ive found the sony HXxV range when it comes to colours and white balance can be a bit reddish and inaccurate, but you probably wouldn't notice unless you're a avid photographer.

    • this is helpful, thanks!scarabin
    • no prob at all mate :)
      hit me up by email if you got any questions, i spend too much time on cameras.
  • ok_not_ok0

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 ($275)