Hercules RMX / DJ setups

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  • scarabin

    anybody ever use one of these things? www.amazon.com/Hercules-DJ-47804…... it comes with virtualDJ, which i haven't heard of. looks like it was just ported over to mac from windows... is it total bitch/noob software?

    or should i just spring for say, TRAKTOR and get the S4 http://www.amazon.com/Native-Ins…

    or ableton and some other controller?

    i want to start with mixing MP3 and then get SL-1200s and a DJM-400 mixer later if i feel like doing analog stuff.

    any suggestions for a beginner's setup?

  • domacle0

    I started with the Mixtrack Pro which has an inbuilt soundcard (most controllers such as the Hercules doesn't have a soundcard which you will need). Mixtrack pro is very nice - has all the controls you'd expect and the jog wheels feel firm and not tacky.

    I use Virtual DJ too, it's a piece of a piss to pick up and is actually quite powerful. You can use more than 2 decks (up to 99 lol). I've used Traktor a lot before and much prefer VDJ. The user interface is a lot better and you can do a lot more with it.

    In summary:

    - Get a Mixtrack Pro and Virtual DJ.

    If you need more info let me know.

    • the RMX actually has a card, which is nicescarabin