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  • neverscared18

    • They’ll just get you to describe what they want and pay you half.Chimp
    • There's a new job emerging for copywriters who are good at this kind of thing, it's a similar skill to SEO writing. It's titled 'Prompt Engineer'.microkorg
    • Oh snapYakuZoku
    • Many "prompters" already on instagram with "Open for comissions" in their bio...grafician
    • Will not replace, but will steal some sizable share of workdrgs
    • i doubt it will steal a lot .. it will be just an add on tool for every designer who needs and wants it in their repertoire to find solutions to design problemsneverscared
    • feeding your own 3d rendering, illu, animation fru the synthetic Intelligence will be nice .... the other stuff is just unoriginal poser stuff...and will be atneverscared
    • the margins where it belongs to puny skill space...neverscared
    • margins where it belongs to puny skill space.neverscared
    • oopsneverscared
  • drgs9

    • now do the little mermaid for paligrafician
    • got milk?NBQ00
    • Do Esmeralda for grafi.palimpsest
    • Got Disney?utopian
    • Now do her ethnicity.

      Just for shits and giggles.
    • shits and jigglepango
    • Is it just me or is the promts the most interesting part of the visual ai shitt?ArchitectofFate
    • Um. Why are a lot of these signed?jagara
    • dead eyessted
    • @jagara, it's Midjourney thinking it's an artist, lolNBQ00
    • Signatures probably from images it sampled from.pango
    • More like.. images like these tend to have a signature so it made a squiggle to look like onekalkal
  • NBQ006

    A colleague from another agency/ studio told me they pitched on a job for a big ice cream brand and they generated images with Midjourney of beautiful ice-cream settings.

    The client was like "Wow, holy shit. We want that!"

    And each piece was probably generated in few minutes.

    Jesus christ, we are entering interesting times.

    The question now is how long until clients want to see high-quality stuff for even much less budgets because they think everything is just a press of a button.

    • Your colleague is a moron, that is not copyrighted work they can use in commercial settings.

      It's like they went on google images and used images from there!
    • lol, are you sure.NBQ00
    • It'll be brutal, just adapt, embrace it.shapesalad
    • @grafician
      I've used Google image searches as reference before. What world are you living on?
    • Besides, there is no copyright on AI generated images that I know of.palimpsest
    • Pitch != final workkalkal
    • I would never be salty about gaining time on a pitch. A pitch is about selling.palimpsest
    • @ graf:…NBQ00
    • NOT referenced, but actual images taken directly and sold! It's a difference, learn it
      So unless you make it, you can't really re-sell the rights
    • Not to mention many clients ask for deliverables AND the source files so good luck with AI generated shit and no layersgrafician
    • @grafician is the type of guy to ask for copyright permission for an AI.palimpsest
    • @NBQ are you kidding with that video?! The fact I raised the issue with copyrights in the first place should signal Ik more than you about itgrafician
    • 100% lifelikested
    • @pali you clearly missed the memo on AI art and copyrightsgrafician
    • "AI art"*grafician
    • Anyway, odd that on a fucking creative forum people don't know about copyrights...grafician
    • Then why don't you read the Midjourney copyright sections, Mr. Knowitall. The Video highlights those excerpts.NBQ00
    • Until the secretary of the big ice cream company learns how to use AI and the client fires his entire agency. WIN WINOBBTKN
    • Tell me more grafician.
      Please, daddy.
    • @NBQ I K about midjourney licenses that's why I don't use it anymore, same with SD

      Only DALL E these days
    • lol, oh dear. We have a smartypants in here. I guess you know more than Midjourney itself then.NBQ00
    • @OBB LOL no wonder all sorts fear the AI to take their jobs...grafician
    • This bitch know more than yurimon.palimpsest
    • Didn't you know, NBQ? grafician is an expert in AI imagery, military strategy and tactics, the stock market, art history, music, crypto, advertising, filmmakingContinuity
    • Come to think about it, even DALL E is still not okay, as all these models are trained on scrapped images - basically "using" google images to create derivativegrafician
    • So have fun with it, sure, but selling direct output in a commercial
    • What impresses me most is not the output but rather the abitlity to listen.
      Something ya'll bitches need to learn.
    • @Continuity you have problems with *Oktoberfest and I have problems over AI art copyrights - we are NOT the same :)grafician
    • Aw shit! We got Fring up in this bitch now.palimpsest
    • My dude, we's in Europe, we don't give a shit about politically correctness or being nice, if something needs to be said we say it.palimpsest
    • That's right, grafician, we're not the same.
      I don't go around an online forum pretending like I know everything about every subject.
    • Because YOU clearly don't and I actually read and learn about the topics I actually care. AND I share the bits and pieces for you to learn too :)grafician
    • So instead of taking a personal affront whenever I post, how about you actually take some time and read about it too and let's have a discussion, shall we?grafician
    • The only thing I've learned from you is that you have an overblown sense of your own capacities. When you have a spare moment, do educate yourselfContinuity
    • ... on the Dunning Kruger Effect, and engage in a bit of self-reflection on how it might apply to you.Continuity
    • long story short: you're allowed to use it for commercial stuff as long as it's not a blatant ripoff of an art piece or other stuff. Just like done manuallyNBQ00
    • do you know how many pieces get inspired by and ripped off without AI? it's no different. so why are you acting like the video is saying shitNBQ00
    • @Continuity why are you here then mate? To let us know your fucking opinion on Oktober fest and your non-existing knowledge about anything AI?grafician
    • he's quoting from Midjourney copyright sections. so stop acting like you're above us all and know everything even better than the source itselfNBQ00
    • I don't make myself all-knowing, is just that you morons know so little and you care about the dumbest of things.grafician
    • I'm waiting on that grafician world salad clapback.palimpsest
    • And there we have it!palimpsest
    • lol grafician can turn any post about himself. smartest in the room.NBQ00
    • Now sure, go ahead and downvote all my posts for no good reason cuz you're bitter salty old fuck'ups with no curiosity whatsoevergrafician
    • The classic pigeon and chess board scenario.Continuity
    • @NBQ mate by the looks of your posts you clearly have no clue about a LOT of topics around here. Just chill.grafician
    • And now if you will excuse me, my soup is getting cold...grafician
    • My dude, take it from me. You're being an idiot rigtht now.palimpsest
    • ^ Patronising AND always has to have the last word.
      grafician, ladies and gentlemen, give him a big hand. He's here all week.
      Try the hummus.
    • My dude!palimpsest
    • hahahaha this dude cracks me up on a rainy ThursdayNBQ00
    • "So instead of taking a personal affront"

      "Your colleague is a moron"

      An attack is probably not the best way to opening to "educate"
    • My dude.palimpsest
    • Don't start with the low ground then decide to take the high ground later, just start high and stay there.kalkal
    • grafician's takes have always been ass. The only high ground is in his head.palimpsest
    • "Your colleague is a moron" - graf, you still start off like this? How can you talk about your insatiable curiosity, and ability to obtain knowledge more than..canoe
    • ...the rest of us squids, but never have learned how to be cordial? It makes me think you learn from the inside out. Thumbs downvote.canoe
    • @canoe No, you're right, each to his own process, clearly my badgrafician
    • Doesn't grafician have a point though? Just because an AI merges images together doesn't mean you aren't violating copyright if using it in an ad campaign.yuekit
    • But AI doesn't merge images together. It's building images from references. If it were a human you could say it's "drawing them from memory".palimpsest
    • The images are not an exact copy, they are really used as reference. It's not copying 100x100 pixels.palimpsest
    • When you tell it to draw a cat it doesn't pic the first image of a cat it finds, as would Google. It uses the references it knows to be cats to produce a cat.palimpsest
    • So it's not going to make up a cat out of nothing. Just are we can't make up a cat out of nothing. It's a matter of how "original" we perceive ourselves to be.palimpsest
    • It's ultimately about people being afraid of their own condition.palimpsest
    • But I AM specialGnash
    • Don't worry Adobe will buy it soon and sort everything outyuekit
    • I’m not sure graf has ever defeloped creative for a big pitch before, but pulling sources from copyrighted works is totally acceptable.monospaced
    • You aren’t selling that work, it’s just to sell the idea. Not sure why you’re accusing people of not knowing how copyright works. Derp.monospaced
    • @monospaced you worked for PwC all your life? what do you know about pitches?

      And no, we were talking about AI art copyrights, it's something else, buzz off
    • AI doesn’t have to do much to take over. Clients are stupid and we’ll all be bitching in side notes on Adobe CC Judgment Day.MrT
  • Jrdntnnr9

    "the average user" - the AI doesn't lie:

  • PhanLo13

  • PhanLo5

    • It's getting there with music…PhanLo
    • Well maybe it's time to get a real job.pablo28
    • weak we are and idiots.... compared to architects and painters...neverscared
    • only fools worry: check your head was recorded with real instruments after paul's boutique sampling galore.uan
    • Plumber. train to be a plumber. AI = Computers, and computers don't mix well with water.shapesalad
    • if you can be replaced by a prompt, self-reflection may be in order.imbecile
    • Ai is also able to crush the worlds best chess players but it hasn’t wiped out competitive chess, quite the contrary, they learn from it and chess is thriving_niko
    • I had a wild dream with strong visuals and was amazed by the details my brain created. So never forget about 'I', it's quite cool, too. Not only AI.SimonFFM
    • I love how AI prompts are questioning people's meaning in life.
      Hashtag Good Times
    • @imbecile I think you're missing the point that talented people are feeding these discriminitve libraries for shits and giggles.garbage
    • The whole point of GANs is to develop a product (art, code, photo, text, etc.) that fools the end user.garbage
    • I don't care how good you think you are, you will be outpaced.garbage
    • Also whole depts of people who have learned all CC will be able to be replaced by a few chumps with Sensei.garbage
    • It's not theft. It's influence. No pixels are ever replicated.microkorg
    • Pff... whatcha gonna do? At some point (that we’re arriving at fast), computers will be able to do something close to what you’re able to do.jagara
    • You want to collectively sue all AI companies? If so, on what grounds?jagara
    • It's going to be hilarious when nocoding really takes off. That will shut up the "if this worries you, you're not good enough" crowd.garbage
  • drgs8

    • ai is still better than support call from indiahotroddy
    • finally! it's honest & realKrassy
    • ahaahh :Dsted
    • loldbloc
    • lolpockets
    • Turing testHayoth
    • AI doesn't exist yet. Just sophisticated algorithms.jagara
    • @jagara yes, good that machines are not better then humans, for now.api
    • one could EASILY argue that actual intelligence is just a more sophisticated algorithm, which means that current AI IS real, just very primitive stillmonospaced
  • uan12

    Colourise black and white photos with a deep learning algorithm.

    tested with 2 pictures from the black and white photography thread:

  • kingsteven7

    i've had stable diffusion running on my mac in the background for a couple days - generating an image every 45 seconds at 640 x 512 px. i've been occasionally changing the prompt to see what works. copyright arguments aside it's nice to land in a pocket and watch it do it's thing

    here's 100 sequential images from a single prompt "lomo ghost in crystal light refraction" from this evening upscaled to 4k

    • Yeah how is that not awesomenb
    • Better than Netflixnb
    • incredible. far more interesting than the usual AI artinteliboy
    • How much longer does it take to render if you double the resolution?drgs
    • it glitches out on me over 640px, i think the sample image size is 512 x 512 so not sure how i'm even doing thatkingsteven
    • see the video i posted in the sidenotes below. A.I. upscales are decent, in combination with out-painting and image-to-image you can get hi reskingsteven
    • i noticed over 45 seconds my images were mostly garbled or black (1 in 5 would get to 2 minutes and fail) so i set a time outkingsteven
    • i've added another load of 100 images with the same prompt to the gallery, astonishing variation when you keep it vague…kingsteven
    • ...and find something it likes drawingkingsteven
    • 512 is standard, you can also choose 3:2 or 2:3 (portrait) but it will cut and paste very crudely elements of the image

    • Very cool. I'm seeing a lot of '90s shoegaze album covers in amongst the nightmares.MrT
    • It's cool and I hate it.garbage
    • Dunno which fork you're using but if the AUTOMATIC1111 version runs on mac, there's a highres fix option that allows for coherence at high resolutions now.kalkal
    • Two step process, it creates a low res latent noise then uses that to inform the higher res version.kalkal
  • neverscared11

    • lolNairn
    • yup_niko
    • "two boxes and build from the knuckles" - every professor I ever had.garbage
  • chukkaphob5

    Deepfakes 2.0: The terrifying future of AI and fake news…

    Jennifer Buscemi is the deepfake that should seriously frighten you…

    • I want to see the porn version of this lol_niko
    • but yeah, this is going to take fake news to a whole new stratosphere in about 2 years._niko
    • ahGnash
    • That is amazing!MondoMorphic
    • scaryKrassy
    • Shitmaquito
    • freakehset
    • The future is scary... Pictures are Photoshoped, the videos will now be manipulated too. Its just the beginning of the fake news era.Bennn
    • @Bennn LOL! Thanks for #Bennnsplaining!!chukkaphob
    • Holy fuuuuuuurobotron3k
    • let´s hope this works with robotic geometry once.neverscared
  • Beeswax4

    Adobe will buy one of these platforms and make it part of the creative cloud where you will be able to generate layered images based on your prompts and then tweak it using regular tools.

    • I would welcome that. They should scoop up Stable Diffusion and integrate it in PhotoshopNBQ00
    • Ai AI captainkingsteven
    • Already plugins doing this lolgrafician
    • what plugins, graf? (except stable diffusion)?NBQ00
    • @NBQ there's a Ps plugin and a Figma plugin to generate AI stuff

      Look around the AI threads here.........
    • Yeah, already been discussed ad nauseam here. They've been prepping their Ai for a few years now. It's called Sensei.garbage
    • you can use for stable diff. and the plugin https://christiancan…
      to access it from ps
    • So once again, if you are in your mid 30s and have spent decades learning the things I'm sure most of us here know, you have wasted your time.garbage
    • AD positions will be replaced by automation in our lifetimes.garbage
    • Instead buying Figma for $20 billion, Adobe should've purchased an AI company.utopian
    • I've been trying things over on Openart..
      there's some invites if anyone's interested...…
    • @utopes It's in the thread. They've been building their own AI engine for years now. Myabe skimmed over because it looks like we're talking about Illustrator.garbage
    • They will buy up and assimilate the competition, but if you haven't seen it, they've been working on Sensei for a long, long time.garbage
    • You can trace back the history to their acquisition of Omniture in 2009. Anybody that thinks "oh if this scares you, you aren't talented enough"..garbage
    • just wrong. Adobe has spent over a decade building a job-killing Frankenstein, fueled by creative input that isn't just free, but paid for by the cloud.garbage
  • Bluejam5

  • neverscared1

    The images of DALL-E are amazing, but the AI ​​is not starting from scratch. If they can create them, it is because they have been trained with millions of images from the internet. What this AI does is base itself on the images that match the key elements of the description that we give it.

    DALL-E works with the images of creators who do not receive anything in return: what copyright says about AI…

    • This is true but every single artist and artwork ever created was based on or influenced by some other artist or artwork_niko
    • the extent of this is much more greater than just a tool for visualizing context.sted
    • this shows how the legal contradiction around AI provides a basis for stealing technologies and breaking the barriers that kept the world more or less at peace.sted
    • yes but here its literaly in the ontolgy of the artwork not just a little inspiration.. it would be easy to track every pic used by the a.i generating...neverscared
    • easy.... it shuld be mandatory to publish that file with the creative output file...neverscared
    • ontology.... not just a labby dubby influence .. right there on the formal level...neverscared
    • This is true but every single artist and artwork ever created was based on or influenced by some other artist or artwork = very dumb generalisation...neverscared
    • I would say AI should get a credit in works but we don’t credit PS when it does content aware fill or other tricksscarabin
    • I feel like it’s just a tool doing the same shit any other concept designer does- ingest others’ work and output some variation thereofscarabin
    • Eh, it's just sampling.robotinc
    • It's not just sampling. Said it a million times here, but all of these social media games and trials are to generate a library.garbage
    • GANs requires a discriminatory network that provides free input and feedback to the generative network.garbage
    • As soon as it passes the realness smell test efficiently, there will be no need for scripters. DALL-E-2 is going to swamp a lot of young artists.garbage
    • Unless you think that clients are a discerning bunch (lol).garbage
    • Because they know they can query exactly what any one image is comprised of, and it’s a legal issue so complex, and one that would dismantle the core of theirneverscared
    • business. they’re focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel & hoping a bill doesn’t arrive.

      Not the best approach.
    • The final engines will be hyper-exclusive. If some artist wants to make a case for stolen work, they're going against a corp with a war chest.garbage
    • Imagine the AI version of feathering, and also corporations claiming creative use.garbage
    • Plus in the hypothetical that you're still using Facebook or IG in 2022, you should know that Meta has the rights to use any of your image since 2009.garbage
    • You think any of these corps are really worried about some flea of a settlement when they mass appropriate actual art until the lines are so blurred..garbage
    • ..that the artist doesn't exist anymore? That is what's going to happen.garbage
    • it's not Dall-e that's culpable then, its the "artist" who imputes the query string. Dall-e is just a tool. If I say make a painting of Michael Jordan in the..._niko
    • style of Basquiat it's a lazy and blatant rip off. But I can also go into detail and art-direct Dall-e by telling it what colours to use, brush stroke and lengt_niko
    • ...composition, elements, etc etc until I also get a Michael Jordan painting in the style of Basquiat. Dall-e then becomes no more liable than say photoshop._niko
    • That's the whole point. People are building a discriminative library for free. And then when people who know what they're doing give input..garbage
    • ..on brush strokes and colors, that's also what goes into training the AI. For a while the job will be driving the GAN, but eventually it will be..garbage
    • convincing that it can go on autopilot. Ffs, the "A" in GAN stands for "adversarial".garbage
    • and re: PS, Adobe is already dipping their toes in the water with Sensei. If you're in your 30s and working in this field, you will be irrelevant. Fun stuff.garbage
    • AI will fight its own lawsuits - invalidate copyright law, by proving with a small margin of error all human art derivativekingsteven
    • Yes the AI takes influence of it's pixels from all images it knows on a subject yet it replicates none of the pixels.
      No copyright is infringed.
  • scarabin1

    • HopiumAQUTE
    • Yeah, then companies buy the tech and they don't have to fear the artists.garbage
    • Because artists are providing scripts and feedback for the GANs. I've been heckled for saying this but the A stands for "adversarial".garbage
    • Designers will be as obsolete as coal miners in our lifetimes. Every actually talented person that roams around here will be nullified in their lifetimes.garbage
    • lol whatgrafician
    • Seriously looking at Plumbing courses.shapesalad
    • yes, garbage. 1000% agree. It will happen.futurefood
    • needs regulation...problem fixedneverscared
    • i can't wait to see AI-click-kiddies showing up with a portfolio they didn't actually make trying to hold down a job with skills they don't posessscarabin
    • AI is just a tool, it will always require a wrangler. art directors who know their stuff. humans with a concept and a strategyscarabin
    • ^ That's kind of my point. Right now it just needs people to write it. But the more input that's added is to build the discriminative network..garbage
    • ..the less human input will be required. There will be a period where talented people are the directors, but all of their input will be cataloged.garbage
    • "They" said television would kill cinema, back in the 80s. Doom and gloomers seriously under-rate the value of human relationships in business.toemaas
    • Besides, what business owner is going to have time or the patience to deal with this bullshit to re-brand their company's identitytoemaas
    • Like scrolling through streaming platforms, with 1000s of choices, but no clear direction of what you actually want.toemaas
  • formed1

    Scary shit, inevitable, though. Really scary when you think of things like a Predator drone on autonomous mode.

    A rogue killer drone 'hunted down' a human target without being instructed to, UN report says…

    • These things are built to hunt down and kill, turn it on and that's what it'll do. I'll worry when they autonomously decide to go buy a pizza.palimpsest
    • Reminds of the headline a while back about a robot killing a human. In fact it was a factory worker getting crushed by heavy machinery (robotic arm)palimpsest
    • Yup. I am surprised we haven't seen real horror yet. For $10k you can make a swarm of these destroy almost anything.formed
    • @formed oil refineries: https://www.nytimes.…grafician
    • “ The Turkish-built KARGU-2...”Gnash
    • it's only a glitch!…
      one of my worst nightmares
    • Skynet is bornutopian
    • Ha, came here to post. Loitering munition systems are going to be a nightmare.…
    • just establishing some plausible deniability for war crimes?mantrakid
    • (just joking, cia)mantrakid
  • imbecile2

    Your voice goes in, a voice "naturalized" to the target audience comes out.

    • Indian accent removerdrgs
    • I was checking this out, it's not realtime and sounds like tts, bit of a scammy pitch for funding even without the racist overtoneskingsteven
    • this is in its infancy "solving a problem". i presume with more training, something like this will evolve into a localized translation optionimbecile
    • combine with 3D avatars -…imbecile
    • Scam facilitatorGnash
    • i hear your racism and raise you inexpensive phone support without the complaint and abuse from... racist customersimbecile
    • if realtime - then it's a penny stock BUY.shapesalad
    • https://www.crunchba…imbecile
    • lol drgsYakuZoku
  • milfhunter1

    Make-A-Video is a state-of-the-art AI system that generates videos from text.…

  • nb4


    I’m looking for resources on product design for Machine Learning. It’s not that new of a field but the field moves fast enough that many of the articles from a few years ago feel dated.

    Do you have any links Videos/articles or anything that would help a designer who works on an ML intelligence team?

  • PioneerDJ3033

    If Yoda was a bodybuilder...

    via Jasper AI