9 hours in Berlin

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  • Continuity

    So I'm going to be in Berlin for nine hours next Wednesday, two which will be in jon interviews.

    Any recommendations for good street photography locations that don't take me too unmanagebly far away from Litfaß Platz?

    (I'm bringing both my 7D/EF 50mm 1.4 and my AE-1/50mm 1.4 SSC combos, with the AE-1 loaded with Ilford HP5+ BW film. So I'm hoping to take some cracking shots.)

  • Continuity0

    It should be noted I'm arriving at TXL at 12.00, and flying back to Düsseldorf at 21.35, so I should plan accordingly.

    • Also: job interviews, not jon interviews.

      See? This is why we need an edit function, QBN.
    • joint interviewspablo28
    • Actually, sort of! Two agencies, both in the same building, one owned by the other. Weird sort of coincidence I applied to both without knowing the arrangement.Continuity
    • ahaha akwardgeorgesIII
    • Yeah, kind of. Ah well, all good, I suppose.Continuity
  • i_was0

    I want to buy a EOS 100D + 18 - 55 mm as my first reflex, what do you think ?

    • Well, it's a beginner DSLR. It takes photos. But, do yourself a favour and ditch the 18-55 kit lens ASAP for a prime, like the 50mm 1.8 or 1.4.Continuity
    • ^ keep the zoom. Zoom gives you way more choices for composition... you can get a cheap 50mm for low-light/bokeh, but it's a bit long. I'd go for a fast 35mm.monNom
    • Zooms make you lazy. Go prime at the beginning, and learn to compose with your feet.

    • Yes, less is more :)i_was