2nd Imac Is is worth it?

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  • georgesIII

    I worked with a similar setup before and it was blazing fast,
    is this one ok?

    iMac 27" late 2013
    Intel i5 mit 3.4 Ghz
    8GB RAM
    1TB HDD
    Nvidia GTX 775M mit 2GB
    Wireless Tastatur und Trackpad

    >> 1400€

  • pango0

    working on what?

  • georgesIII0

    The one I used has double the ram, it was incredibly fast at rendering for some reasons

  • mekk0

    Rendering in C4D is heavily dependent on the CPU. If you have the choice, go for an i7 because it is faster for rendering in C4D and After Effects.

    Still it is too expensive, way too expensive. If you're open for a PC you can build this one I have picked for you, around the same price:


    + Fastest Quad-Core i7, also overclockable
    + Double RAM, also faster RAM
    + SSD instead of HDD, for blazing fast boot and response times
    + Watercooled, Dead silent
    + Portable case (see pic) below
    + Save €100 by putting a lower end video card in it, if you want. The one I picked is 3x faster than this Mac's
    + 2 Year warranty on every part picked separately

    - Needs external display, €300 gets you one that blasts the Apple one away
    - Keyboard not included

    It has this case, also available in multiple colors:

    I also have this case and a system in around the same config. If you want, I'll help you build it.

    • no worries, I started building pcs before having sex.. I like your setup btwgeorgesIII
    • Yeah, me too. Now I feel bad. Alternate.de and caseking.de are good sources for german online hardware retail.mekk
    • btw this config is z97 while X99 is already out. X99 supports DDR4 RAM, but there is no mATX mainboard for the tiny case out there yet.mekk
    • Lower end GPU tip, if you're not a gamer:
      "EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB" for -€100, might get another 16GB of ram instead? =D
    • lower end, what am I, some plastation loving peasant? :PgeorgesIII
    • lol don't know if you're into gaming :P but if you're a PC builder I guess you are ;)mekk
    • Hard to beat the built in 27" display the iMac comes with though.monospaced
    • ^
      go away!! :)
    • Do you mean the 5K display Mono? because this is the 2013 iMac. Most LG 27" WQHD Displays have the exact same panel and a non-glaring screen.mekk
    • I actually meant just the regular 27", and not as a fanboi, but just that's its really nice. I didn't realize the LG was the same non-reflective though.monospaced
    • and once you add it to the PC you show here, the price is way higher than the iMac, but I guess it's more powerfulmonospaced
    • Most LG 27" displays max out at 1080p resolution though, which is kinda weak for that size. No?monospaced
    • btw, I have nothing against building one's own, the idea is extremely appealing to memonospaced
    • you can also build your own mac (hackintosh) with the right parts for a lot less than the Apple product. You just have to wait 1-2 weeks for the major updates.mekk
    • Almost all panels are produced by LG, Sharp or Samsung. Even if you have two exact same Samsung TV Models, you might have one LG panel and a Sharp one.mekk
    • Cool. I think I might build my next Mac. Which LG display has the 1440 resolution and anti-reflective coating?monospaced
    • the Dell U2713HM has said LG panel, but is around $500. http://www.tftcentra…mekk
    • I can totally recommend the Asus Swift 144hz display: http://www.tftcentra…

      Sadly, it's €700. One day I'll buy it.
    • http://www.reddit.co…mekk
  • mekk0

    For the suspicious I built the 2013 iMac of George's choice again and end up at a €1000 price tag for a NEW build (without display)


    Still a lot of room for a decent display. Also the RAM is a lot faster and the Mainboard is more stable. For the same price you can get the faster and newer Nvidia GTX 970 instead of the dated 770 model.

    • who's suspicious?monospaced
    • A lot of people when I tell them that Apple machines are overpriced even when used and with dated hardware.mekk
    • I hear ya. There's a lot to be said for the hardware design and integration, but that doesn't appeal, or isn't important, to everyone.monospaced
    • well at the end, it's just an isolated BSD distro running on a very small amount of available hardware. But it looks good and this is what people want.mekk
    • on a related note, can you point me toward a 3rd party display that would the same as the non-retina iMac 27" with same res and anti-reflection?monospaced
    • I want one.monospaced
    • As in the post before, the Dell U2715H is one.mekk
    • I see. So definitely not 300 for something that will blast the apple one away then. :)monospaced
    • Then there is the Acer K272HULBbmidp (stupid name!), around €300 in germany.mekk
    • Side note: The Apple displays are nowhere meant for professional imaging, not even the $1000 LED cinema display. So no Benchmark there.mekk