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  • Continuity

    Hey chaps,

    Any of use know of any royalty-free music libraries where one can search for tracks that are similar to another?

    I've got some films that need music, and I want to base the music selection on the track used in the client's TVC ... for which we don't have the extended rights beyond that.

    So, in other words, I want to find a similar one, without having to spend hours going track-by-track manually.


  • srhadden0


    pick a music source and search.

    ccmixter has loads of free license music

    You can find free licensed music on also, just make sure you check the license next to each song.

    You're probably always going to have to attribute the songs you used. It's also only decent to try to contact the creator anyway and ask permission, also for the case somebody messed up the licensing on the website you pick from.