San Diego - May / June

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  • maquito

    The company I work for is moving me temporarily to Encinitas on May the 15th for a training. I'll be there for one month. Any tips, spots, etc., will be much appreciated! Thanks.

  • HijoDMaite1

    Nice man. Its a lovely area. I'm right up the road.

  • studderine2

    Encinitas is beautiful but I find it quite boring. Try to take the Coaster (commuter rail) down to San Deigo proper.

  • sofakingback1

    Dont listen to studderine, he is in fact a hipster and wants you to hang in hipsterland. lol

    No seriously, Encinitas is a nice place. More of a sleepy beach town for rich white folks and a little out of the way from the rest of central San Diego. You're looking at a 30min drive down to central SD. In traffic / rush hour its a nightmare. 1-2hrs seriously.

    But, its a great area for hanging out and hitting the beach. Getting away from the city bullshit.

    You won't have trouble finding stuff to do as its all pretty much on the main Pacific Highway road. You can take it south and hit-up the neighboring areas:

    Cardiff: awesome beach, couple good food spots with ocean view.

    Salona Beach: nice beach, some shops and a place called the Belly Up, They have live music, sometimes good stuff.

    DelMar: nice beach area (more private) theres a touristy restaurant /shops area, and theres the Delmar Race track. No idea if its in season right now. its pretty fun.

    Torrey Pines: Love this area, the beach is super chill and beautiful, you can do a little hiking and get a super cool view of the cliffs and ocean and of course look at the Torrey Pine, which only grows there. If you're a golfer then theres the Torrey Pines golf course where they hold the farmers open, its fucking amaze-balls but it costs some serious dough to play, even though it is a municipal course.

    Thats where things kinda cut off and you might as well start heading down to La Jolla Beach, lots of fancy rich people stuff here. Then further down to Pacific Beach, this is where younger out of towers end up to live the California dream of a beach town. Its full of drunk bros that can't hold their liquor and loose sluts and are in fact whores. Its worth visiting just to have a laugh.

    Then on to central San Diego that has a close radius of neighborhoods with all sorts of hipsterness. Do you like craft beer? Craft-cocktails? Craft restaurants??? well you're in luck because you can't possibly imagine how much of this shit their is here... it all just blends into one big orgy of hipsterness.

    Downtown is cool, theres the ball park, which is pretty awesome. bars and restaurants and clubs??? are they still called clubs? Dress fancy if going out here.

    Anyway, we can probably set up a QBN drinks and we can get you wasted, throw you in a cab and take your ass to the only place worth seeing...

    Thats right, the one and only TIJUANA!!!! the land of tomorrow! SO BRING YOUR PASSPORT!!!! lol

    Im just fuckin with you... maybe.

    p.s. check out this site for all those hipster places I talked about:…

    • Great!! Thanks bro, you took your time there :) Truly appreciated.maquito
    • +1 urbanist guide!maquito