Exposure.co vs self-host?

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  • nb

    I'm thinking of setting up a visual diary/blog for my photographs. I have a portfolio, but I want to get a stream going of day to day pics.

    My instinct is to just put it on my own site, host it myself, own all the content, etc. This seems good, but I wonder if that impedes my ability to get people to look at it. I'm certainly no famous photographer, but like everyone else I'd like more people to see my work than just my friends.

    Anyone here using Exposure.co? Thoughts on it? The Pro version at $9 a month seems quite good. Limited designs, but I think I'd be able to get more –ahem– 'exposure' with it. Does it have the same kind of traction as other sites like Medium does for writing?

    Again, this is not for my portfolio, just a visual diary/blog type thing.

    Or, should I just use Tumblr or Instagram and stop being such a fucking prima donna?

  • formed0


    Fstoppers had this a while back (no idea beyond that, I can't find the service I liked a while back)

    I'd think as long as it works, you'll be fine. The work and effort you spend get people to visit is going to be far more important.

  • nb0

    Thanks, yeah, format.com is nice. I like the idea of editing html/css on the themes.

    Seems like Exposure.co is the hot thing right now, though.