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  • nb

    For years I've been working as a photographer and a designer and a musician. I've always kept my portfolio sites separate (one for photographs and one for design work) partly because I thought people might think I wasn't a "real" photographer or "real" designer because I did both. I wouldn't even tell people I'm a musician.

    As I get older I'm realizing that only amateurs and less-desirable clients care about if you're a "real" designer, etc. The serious people whom I'd like to work with tend to respond better when I show or tell them all the things I've done, rather than trying to separate them.

    So, I've begun the long task of redesigning my site and I'm finding it difficult to show all these areas while keeping the site simple and clean. Particularly on mobile.

    Anyone have good examples of portfolio sites by super talented people that you think specifically work well to show multiple disciplines where one doesn't take over the others?

    To be clear, at the moment I work full time as a designer and these days I am only shooting fine art photographs. I still welcome commissions for photography and I'm taking a break from music after producing a lot. I want to show people everything I do, plus sell physical design items, photographic prints, as well as try to show the process and tell some stories.

    It's so much for one personal site. So, you QBNers got any advice for me?

    TL;DR: Looking for samples of brilliant and unique portfolio sites specific to multiple disciplines.

  • Hayoth0

    The real question is...What can you do for your clients? If they need or would benefit from all 3 of those services then by golly gee, let'er rip tator chip.

  • SlashPeckham0

    These guys have just released a huge update: