Lumix G80/ 4k recomendations

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  • kingsteven

    Has anyone tried out the Lumix DMC-G80? or have any other good recommendations for 4k DSLRs under £1k?

    I need to buy 2 x 4k cameras for a client and was going to go for G7s which i've used before and loved - but i'm a bit out of the loop and after ordering from a supplier a couple weeks back, they've only just got back to me to say they've been discontinued...

  • mekk0

    The new Lumix GH5 has great reviews. Choice depends more on what your needs are. If you already have gear for another brand etc..

    • hah, yeah kept popping up as i've been looking today but don't think the budget will stretch to two + lenses... looks great for the price tho.kingsteven
    • well then have a look at the smaller Sony Alphas, they're greatmekk
    • will do cheers, out of curiosity anything against the Panasonics?kingsteven
    • gh5 is the best for for video, stills a bit harder to get a great image.robotron3k