Apple? Android?

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  • cruddlebub

    i have had an iphone for the last 8 years and i have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of much of an improvement if any to the previous models for a hefty price tag!

    i have just bought a OnePlus 5 after reasearching what i thought was enough.

    most of my friends have been andriod for a while, and those who have previously been an iphone user have only told me good things about the switch...

    so i was wondering if any of you 'orrible lot have any experiences with either Oneplus phones, and what im going to expect with using android.

    i have never really used a andriod phone prior to the 3gs, and even then it was just a crappy samsung flip up thing.

    i am really looking forward to a bit of a change... i may end up getting suckered back over to apple but i hope not.

  • detritus0

    It's a phone, you're probably already bored of apps anyway, right?

    So fuckit.…