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  • face_melter

    Does anyone know of a script / plugin / shortcut that allows you to quickly toggle between two tools t.ex: in C4D, if you press space you switch between your current tool and the last selected tool - something like that.

    I'm patching a render and need the Lasso and Clone Stamp - reaching across the keyboard for the shortcuts is driving me mental.

  • SimonFFM0

    If you use a Wacom, simply adjust the tools to some of the buttons.

    • Whatever happened to the idea of using slates/tablets as customisable shortcut pads?detritus
    • I do use a Wacom, but actually hate using the buttons, prefer keyboard s.cuts.face_melter
  • set-4

    You want something that's easier than pressing one letter on the keyboard?

    • Given he works in shortcut-heavy 3D apps all day long, I think it safe to assume whatever travel he's encountering is inconvenience enoughdetritus
    • S and L are far away...he wants to use the same letter for both tools.uan
    • Yes thank you Detritus as ever, but you can change which letter toggles which toolset
    • No shit set, so why didn't you say that in the first place rather than trying to be snarky with someone who knows their craft?detritus
    • You just can't help yourself can you. I assumed everyone knew you can change shortcuts.set
    • Read your post back - what does it actually communicate and how does it come across to someone in a bind? "You just can't help yourself, can you?"detritus
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  • detritus2

    My only suggestion would be to temporarily change one of the shortcuts.


    shit, I know.

  • uan1

    assign the same letter to the both tools. then you can use Shift-letter to cycle them.

    • my english is specially weird today...uan
  • face_melter0

    Of course changing the keyboard shortcuts was the obvious answer - wood / trees and all that. My head is fucking wasted this week.

    So, thanks all. Another QBN mystery solved! And ladies, enough with the fucking handbags.


    • good luck with the moveGnash
    • Thoroughly glad I could be of assistance.set
  • PhanLo0

    You could use something like… that way you can set up actions and have them in a panel you can click on, you can set up multiple panels with different tools too. Might work.