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  • DaveO

    The agency i work at has started using Google slides as a way to share and collaborate. For the most part its great but we have this issue where it keep locking up and has to be refreshed – continually. Problematic as fuck. Nothing I've found online has any solutions that have worked, so I'm wondering if anyone here has had this experience and / or been able to solve it?

  • maquito0

    I have had two main issues with Google Slides: My tablet (Intuos 4) stops working. Leading values for text are completely absurd; you can't set the leading of a block of text to your needs, what makes every paragraph a mess.

    Never had any trouble with the collab. of the tool, nor had to refresh it. In fact, the only reason I have used it is because of the collaboration. It's great to be able to work on the same slide with copywriters, as in InDesign.