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  • _niko

    Anyone on here had the procedure done?

    I have a couple of kids, don't need any more so I went to the doctor for a consultation.

    Was in the waiting room and decided to actually read about it while I waited.

    Horror show.

    Doc comes to get me, i say I've changed my mind lol

    he says it's not that bad, he's done thousands. I say I don't want to be put under, he says no problem, they do a local anesthetic. I say ok perfect where does the needle go?

    In your balls.

    I wanted to run out of there screaming lol.

  • monoboy0

    Mulling this myself but haven't got the balls to make the appointment. Ironically.

  • mg339

    I had one in October. If you are going to do it, ABSOLUTELY find a doctor that does the no needle / no scalpel procedure. Mine was a piece of cake.

    - Took a valium on the way to the clinic.
    - They use a little pneumatic gun to deliver anesthetic in three little spots, forming a triangle. It literally feels like snapping a rubber band on your wrist. By the third "shot" if you want to call it that, you don't even feel it.
    - They then use this little needle that kind of expands when it makes a little cut in the skin. They go in and grab each tube, one at a time, cut it, cauterize it, then put a gauze bandage on and send you on your way.

    The whole thing took 15-20 minutes. They don't even use stitches. I was able to shower the next morning, go to work, even worked out that day. At best I took 600mg of ibuprofen a few times but that was about it. No ice. No sitting on a bag of peas. There was a little pain, mostly from the skin just healing back up, but I can't believe how easy it was.

    I've got for one post-surgery fertility test, which was negative, and have to do one more in February.

    If you're going to do this, DO NOT go the old route of needle + scalpel + stitches if you can avoid it. That method is archaic next to what they're doing now. I've even heard there's a laser procedure they can do that's beyond even what I had done.

    • still gives me the heebie-jeebiesSunSunSun_
    • Question. Does firing off a 'load' feel any different?monoboy
    • No. Not in any way whatsoever. I've basically forgotten that I had the procedure done.mg33
    • And, fyi, in the US we call it a "salvo."
    • this doesn't sound bad at all._niko
    • It wasn't. During the procedure I just sat there chatting with the doctor about random stuff. It was amazing how quickly it was over.mg33
    • Glad you had an easy time. Last I read many (maybe 14%?) ppl experience complications, there is a forum, which I cannot recall, where they converge.sofas
    • But maybe technology and procedures have improved since...sofas
    • How long after the surgery does it take effect, as in shooting reliable blanks?MHDC
    • Thinking I might go for it soon. Thanks for the info.monoboy
    • man...things have sure improved since I did it... mine was the 'old' way.....not much fun.
      glad it's done though...
    • Different question and you do not have to answer it, if you do not want to (really, no offense too), but I am curious: Why?Longcopylover
    • Ah, sorry, didn't see it was a whole thread. I will find the answers.Longcopylover
    • My friend had a hell of a time recovering from the old school way.section_014
    • I'm in queue for one, but have been putting it off. I'm scared as fuck, TBH...but this procedure sounds like the way I want to do it!davey_g
    • if you can do it this new way, i recommend it. the old way aint much fun..on the other hand, wasn't THAT bad....exador1
    • assuming it all goes well, your bag is pretty swollen for a few days.... some minor discomfort there.exador1
    • Longcopy - to answer your question - wife and I have two happy, healthy kids, 3 yrs. old and 7 mos. old. That's all we wanted.mg33
    • If a doctor is still doing the two incision scalpel method. I'd be worried. The method mg33 describes, and I had, has been around 10-20 years now.ETM
    • I was very worried initially, but couldn't believe how quick the procedure and recovery was. Spontaneous sex without protection or worry is so good! lolETM
    • No more facials.hotroddy
    • Still facials. It's sperm that's gone, not the seminal fluid. You can't tell the difference unless you have a microscope.ETM
    • Good to hear. That was a deal breaker.hotroddy
    • Party on Wayne!jaylarson
    • Yeah, it's not like after getting one done it's just a bunch of air coming out.mg33
  • Bluejam0

    and no, it's not painful.
    slightly uncomfortable, but all done within 20 mins.

  • allthethings1

    Very easy. Two days on the couch with ice afterward, and buy a jockstrap a size smaller to wear for a week after...that's the really bad part, if you don't.

    Also, be sure to have a girlfriend like mine to exclaim "Hassle-free fucking!"

    • < This is why you should get the procedure I had done. None of this time wasting crap.mg33
  • misterhow1

    Don't do it. I have two kids with my ex. New wife wants to try. I had a reversal. It didn't work. Now they're sticking thick straws in me to extract sperm. My best advise...don't do it. You never know if you'll want to have more kids. No ball surgeries...elective or otherwise.

    • advice not advise. ugh.misterhow
    • "More kids" are the worst. Find a new new wife that doesn't want kids, and instead wants to be able to afford a fancy trip twice a year.mathinc
    • ^ + a billionGnash
    • I love my kids. I know I do not want any more. ffs, I'm almost 40 anyway.bulletfactory
    • You'll have twins, man. I know it. Don't fall for it. Let her pick out a cat.mathinc
    • Some of us know...ETM
  • drgs0

    Why exactly can I not survive without it?

  • mathinc4

    Just had it done in Nov. Got a 5.5 y/o and twin 3 y/os. At the beginning my wife was like, "Fuck no, I'll take care of it if we goof up and I get pregnant again." Then after the lil fuckers got out of the nursing stage, and waking up a hundred and fifty times a night. She changed her tune to, "I don't think I could have an abortion if it happened." Quickly I realized that it was on me to make sure we couldn't fuck up our lives any further with a fourth kid.

    Easy peasy. Took 10 minutes and I went the Man Route with scalpels and blow torches to get it done - not this new fangled hippy dippy bullshit mg33 did. Working out the same day.. fuck that, I have three wild ass wolverines for children. I told the misses to tell them I was on a work trip and then I hung out (hid) in our bedroom watching movies. Best 24 hours (since the twins were born) of my life.

    • LOL - Man, I'd already had a week of bedrest last year when I had toe surgery. I wasn't about to lay around for another few days again.mg33
    • ^ Damn straight. One week of laying about once a decade, I say. No more, no less.ETM
    • LOL at "wild ass wolverines." An afternoon hiding out in our bedroom sounds glorious about now.nocomply
  • noneck4

    10/10 would recommend. Went the no-scalpel route. It's totally fine. Quick, easy. Was uncomfortable the rest of the day, roughly the same as a mild headache.

    Was really looking forward to the downtime after, but then my wife got called into work, leaving me to take care of the kids by myself instead of icing my balls. That was bullshit. Everything else was fine though.

    • ok, sounds like no-scalpel is the way to go...did you get a needle in your balls though?_niko
    • @_niko yeah, i had the anesthetic via needle. You feel it for a second, then it's okay.Bluejam
    • Honestly, I don't remember much about it. In and out in 20 minutes.noneck
  • _niko0

    I know it's rare but I've read about cases where you have constant pain down there..which as we all know is the worst kind of pain

    and also about guys not being able to get an erection, but i'm guessing this is psychological plus there's plenty of pills for that ;)

    • *cancels appointment*Gnash
    • There is a small risk and outside chance to literally the most routine procedures. You could also cut yourself in the garden and get flesh eating bacteria.ETM
    • ya, but i'm not gardening with my dickGnash
  • detritus6

    QBN is Made Great Again.

    • signs you're getting old thread...
      10 years ago we wouldn't have a thread about this :)
    • Quite :) makes me wonder what we'll be discussing here in another 20 years!detritus
    • omg's latest post!mugwart
    • @detritus - In 20 years QBN will be discussing who's just died. "It was so sudden. They were still so young." And so forth.ETM
    • OK, so in 10-15, colostomy bag brand and arse-wiping technique recommendations?detritus
    • ...and how we found a great breakfast for $2.95misterhow
    • Lol @ commentsfadein11
  • stoplying6

    My five year old son punches me in the eggbag at least once a day, so I'm pretty sure my death star is not fully operational.

  • OP310

    My wife and I have 2 kids and we are done for sure. Does insurance cover the cost? how much is it?

    The idea of recovering in bed, watching tv and not having any kid responsibility for 24+ hours sounds like a perk to me ha.

  • see_thru0

    Did it...quick procedure at the doc's office. Took several tests afterwards for motility - those little buggers kept showing up.

    Waited 6 months and took the test again, and sure enough I was still in a position to be a father. Turns out, the tubes had 're-canalized' I had to go back and have the procedure done again....only this time under anesthetic!

    ...and yes, it's super painful

  • sarahfailin0

    I googled stuff, and vasectomies are covered by insurance, because less babies means less money spent by the insurance company

    I also googled cryo-freezing sperm, and it costs $$$. It's $500-700 for the extraction and initial freezing. *you still have to do the extraction yourself, which is bullshit* and then it's $300-500 a year for storage.

    If you want to get sperm extracted with tubes AFTER your vasectomy, it's called ICSI and it costs $3-10k, NOT covered by insurance. Your lady also has to get in vitro fertilized, which is a process and costs another $10k, unless you just wanted your semen to hold onto.

    In vitro fertilization mostly is NOT covered by insurance, and neither is vasectomy reversal.

  • slinky0

    I am debating it now. I want to and I think I will. And definitely 100% going the no scalpel approach. My insurance covers it 100% (at least i should have my job for the next month or so, serious crap going on at the office, so not sure how long i will have a job or insurance). I have 2 of the most amazing kids I could have imagined, but at 44 (almost 45) I AM DONE. And my wife who is 38 is also DONE.

  • sofas2

    regarding potential complications (hopefully no one will experience them)

    " group for men who suffer from pain after vasectomy.."……

  • sleepyfatso0

    I have three kids and had it done just over a year ago. The only part that was uncomfortable was the needle in the bag, other than that it was pretty smooth sailing. Just look down and watch the doc pull out the cord, snip it and cauterize both ends. Was cool to see.

    Although, the doctor let the student nurse sew up the left side and she made a mess of it. No bag modeling for me anymore.

  • see_thru0

    One thing to note...[apparently] getting the snip is a massive subconscious signal to your partner that you can't 'provide' makes you surplus to requirements....then comes the inevitable slow down in, well, you get it...just saying.

    • < We have 3 Kids. This is what I think would happen to me / us if I ever got "snipped".riskunlogic
    • this seals it, fuck that shit lol_niko
    • Hell no! With no worries, we have it far more, and more spontaneous. Sounds like you're reading internet forums.ETM
  • prophetone1

  • fadein111