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  • microkorg

    Anyone sign up for

    I got an offer for a years subscription for £70 and decided to bite.

    You're not going to learn a new skill by watching the videos but the courses are super interesting - finding out about peoples process and thinking when they do what they do.

    This was the first course I did. As a hobby music maker and synth fiend it was interesting hearing about his process of music making, mastering etc. There was also a competition run where you had to submit a finished song and the winner was released on his label. Worth a shot I thought - sadly didn't win.

    A great insight into her eyes and thoughts on photography, her career and the way she works. She talks about her techniques and talks about photos taken and how they were composed, lit etc.

    Just started this one. Obviously I'm not going to become a Jazz musician after watching this series. His chat is great - he talks about his inspirations, the epiphamy he had 20 years ago which led him to appreciate music more, his buddhist beliefs and how they affect his music.

    Really fancy the STEVE MARTIN teaches comedy too.
    Was about to start the FRANK GEHRY one but figured it might be a bit too dry. May still give it a go.
    Some of the Acting / Writing / Performing ones will be interesting too, especially for writing/giving presentations at work or in life.

  • detritus-1

    "Really fancy the STEVE MARTIN teaches comedy too."

  • Fabricio0

    Yeah, I bought the one with Deadmau5, its quite nice, he goes deep into his production style, from start to finish. Its worth it.

    • Check your emails - if you did one class then you might have the year discount too.microkorg
  • Wolfboy0

    I've not done the subscription, but I signed up for film making with Werner Herzog a while ago. I've still not finished it, but it's been a good experience so far.

    I did a group online chat with him as part of it too, that was cool. He was on video and took questions live. You could be on video as well, but I just stuck to typing and lurking.

    • Thats pretty cool he did the video and questions :)microkorg
    • Yeah, he had an assistant with him from Masterclass and there were a few people who had questions pre-approved (they were on video chat too). But it got..Wolfboy
    • form after he got into the swing of it.Wolfboy
  • microkorg0

    I've also done about 60% of the Hans Zimmer class too. Some quite interesting stuff about soundtrack work but he's a bit kinda crazy so is all over the place sometimes.