Physical Dials/Knobs for Photoshop

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  • Centigrade

    OK so I'm building real work buttons and knobs to interface with Photoshop. Imagine a low tech version of Palette Gear.

    Anyway I have my dials more or less working... but I can't seem to do things like a smooth zoom like I can using the touch ring on Wacom pad. I can do the classic CMD+ /Cmd- zoom but it zooms in in big increments. I'm not sure what to Google for as I'm fairly new to this.

    Presumably Palette Gear and Wacom have partnerships with Adobe so they get access to code I can't, so they can write custom zoom functions. Or is there an Adobe PS SDK or something?

  • uan0

    I imagine you are sending keyboard shortcuts from your device to ps...
    so maybe you can output alt+scrollwheel, this would zoom continuously.

    and there IS a photoshop sdk online for plugin coders

    good luck! and post some pics :)

  • Centigrade0

    Thanks. Yeah I can send keyboard shortcuts now. I've tried a few variations (cmd+ and option+mousex-axis)... but my zoom is no way as near as smooth as Wacom or Palette Gear - which I suspect is due to them implementing MIDI or they have backdoor access to the Adobe suite.

    Pics will follow. It's just a breadboard right now! Nothing sexy.

    • you could read out what those devices send and use the same.
      maybe your device can't send increments fast enough? (also a possible explanation)
    • Yeah might be just a code thing. Will have to try tweak.Centigrade
    • bread is sexy..
      but post pics at the next stage. very curious