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  • MrAbominable

    I'm looking for interesting examples of similar versions or iterations of text being represented side-by-side or contextually.

    The project I'm thinking of would be to reprint an original document, game text, and to also call-out updated paragraphs and changes in the wording in updates and future versions.

    The closest touchstone I can come up with is Bible reprints. But even then i'm pretty poor on interesting resources. Hoping some of you have better resources on this. Or even better lingo, as I'm not sure 'comparative literature' is exactly the right phrasing.


  • detritus1

    Henry David Thoreau's Walden?


    Holy Shit, it even garnered a mention in the Guardian.
    Why am I not shocked?…

    • https://www.kickstar…detritus
    • looks like his vers of Walden has nice annotation but the comparison text is only in the Guardian example. Nice example though.MrAbominable
    • The guy who tried this is an ex-QBNer who had (has?) ambitions of redesigning the bible, much as your OP asks, if memory serves.detritus
    • I kicked in on that one. too bad it didn't get funded.Gnash
    • *grumbles* I thought it was fundamentally counter to whatever ethos it was Thoreau claimed to espouse, but what do I know?
      A shame for gramme, for sure.
    • Matt's attention to type is just nutters. So well donejaylarson
    • fuck that fucking fake shit.oey
    • I don't disagree, Det. But I think it being thoughtfully annotated makes it work in this caseGnash
    • it's not just an "abridged' version - which almost always suck assGnash
    • so often, like in matt's case, when a work is approached from a place of respect and passion, the result is enlightening.Gnash
    • i meant thoreauoey
  • Gnash0

    you're looking for "annotated" editions, rather than comparative literature

    • thank you for clearing that up. i always thought annotated works were more editorialized/footno... and not compare contrast.MrAbominable
    • ^ footnotey.MrAbominable
    • Mr Archibald Footnotey Esquireset
    • There probably is a more specific word for it. I have a copy of both Dante's inferno, and the Illiad, that have side-by-side translation with notesGnash
    • I'll try and find them and post the isbn's for youGnash
    • you are a peach! thanks.MrAbominable
    • in a box at my parents' house. I'll grab them next time I'm there! I tried to find them online but no luckGnash
    • i looked too but couldn't find. thanks all the same.MrAbominable
    • didn't find them :/ somewhere in the boxes and boxes of books....Gnash