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  • garbage

    Welcome to the QBN GKC

    A fine place to vent and seek guidance for all of our vehicular frustrations.

  • garbage0

    Project Daisy (yes I'm going with Daisy).

    I'm in way over my head. Cleaned her out yesterday and found even more surprises. This thing has forded rivers. Some mad off-road scientist or scientists have redone all of the wiring, and guessing from the documentation it seems like the thing is the handiwork of multiple people.

    This is the water pump we replaced.

    This ammo box is bolted to the frame as center console.

    This battery is worth more than the car itself. These other wires seem to power the CB. There are more wires that snake away in ways I don't yet understand.

    I don't even know where to begin with that.

    Here's the window hack. I found the handles under the seat, but they're stripped out.

    Step one: Wait for a spot to open up down the street and in the shade, toss it in neutral and roll it down there. I can only work on this in the evenings, and fuck working on it in direct sunlight.


    • Does anyone make a simple wiring kit for that? I know theres a ton of air cooled vw stuff like that.lemmy_k
    • ya optima battery are will soon start to relate to car part memes.BabySnakes
    • @lemmy I've looked up the factory wiring and it seems somebody went way off the grid with their rewire.garbage
    • @snakes Yeah I've already caught myself "welp that's dickered". I think the battery might still be good, but the starter might be fucked.garbage
    • Dome light still works, and the analog clock is ticking away, but that could be running on a watch battery. Haven't pulled the dash off yet, so who knows.garbage
  • HijoDMaite1

    Tire shop lost the center cap in our Highlander and Toyota wants $75 for a new one. Bastards.

    • Sue the bastards!garbage
    • Happened to me too. How the f do you lose one of those?lemmy_k
    • You must tire-d of their bullshit.

      Had to.
    • pick a part, avoid buying from the dealer, also eBay, people hoard all sorts of this like that.BabySnakes
    • tell them that YOU want $75 for the center cap THEY lost (you already paid for it).monospaced