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  • mantrakid

    It's been a long time since I released music in any sort of official format. A couple bandcamp releases 5 or so years back, but I'm currently prepping to get a whole new batch of shit ive been working on up on music services (apple music, spotify, etc).

    Basically been thinking of doing multiple small 2-3 track releases to keep momentum building instead of one big album dropping from some nobody (me). I figure with the multiple releases, I can space them out every few weeks and pretty much have some new shit to hype for a while.

    Im so old and jaded though that its hard to not think of this as an exercise in futility. I can already see the music just getting buried amidst all the other stuff out there and 'why would someone even listen to it' so it bums me out a bit. Anyway i figured I'd start this thread just to keep a log of my experience(s) since i feel like the "Making a Game" thread was sort of a success and a nice thing to look back through at how i felt at various stages in the process.

    I don't mean for this to be self indulgent, but just wanna share my experience and maybe catch some of that sweet qbn wisdom along the way,

  • mantrakid1

    Thanks to kingsteven and this post:…

    I used Symphonic Distribution back when i was running Neferiu Records and they seemed really straight forward and easy to work with, I'm going to keep using them for this new stuff I think.

  • e-wo0

    Drip technique is really viable these days. Consider even releasing 1 song every 6 - 8 weeks if 2 – 3 song projects aren't your thing.

  • mantrakid0

    When you say viable, e-wo are you talking about the promotional aspect of it? Do you think there are specific types of promo that go well with this kind of release strategy?

  • mort_4

    Oh man, can totally relate to this:

    "its hard to not think of this as an exercise in futility. I can already see the music just getting buried amidst all the other stuff out there and 'why would someone even listen to it' so it bums me out a bit."

    I think the people who are prolific and making interesting music are just so into the making music part of it that having their music be popular isn't a high priority, at least while they're in the writing/production process.

    I think the secret might be to put that stuff out of mind and just get immersed in the process.

    Not speaking from experience :-/

    • Hahha thanks man, yeah honestly this whole thing started because of that feeling. "Why bother" took over for so many years but I think just getting stuff out...mantrakid
    • Will start to feel good again. even if there are kids 20 years my junior making tracks 10x as dope haha.mantrakid
    • Haha. My friends son is releasing some great music and it's totally intimidating.…
    • There's probably something to be said for putting on blinkers and not listening to anything else for a while :)mort_
    • ^ that's what I was thinking of doingcanoe
  • scruffics1

    I remember your releases from a while back! They were really dope. Still get one of the tunes pop into my head every once in a while. Haven’t listened to any of it since I’ve switched from listening to mp3’s to Spotify, but need to dig them back out.

    Btw, are you on Spotify?

    • don't answer that! just found it. Dragon Lullabies is awesome. The War is the track that i keep remembering.scruffics
    • this while album is right up my street. lo-fi trip hop beats all day long pleasescruffics
    • sweet thanks man! yah a couple releases on spotify. i think you might dig the Zappa beat tape I did, but its only on http://mantrakid.ban…mantrakid
    • fuck yeah! that's the other one i used ot listen to!! thank youscruffics
    • <3 thank YOU :D you made my day hahahmantrakid
  • kingsteven8

    Guess it depends on how much music you make, small releases probably better than albums because it gives you the chance to announce and package it... I'm totally cynical about this shit, there is a thing ATM (i've heard it called the Kanye cycle but it's used almost universally by pop artists) where the release cycle itself sits within an artistic emotional loop used for promotion.

    RELEASE 1: self-doubt (highly introspective record)
    RELEASE 2: hard work (unexpected brilliance)
    RELEASE 3: victory lap (all the hits but a parody of your former brilliance)
    RELEASE 4: post success (exploring new musical directions)
    RELEASE 5: self-doubt (highly introspective record)

    Say your going to quit making music between each release for extra impact... The reality of getting noticed in the first place is:

    Easy tier:

    be 15 with rich parents, and incredibly attractive

    MOR tier:

    incredibly talented busker
    talk continually about your mild mental illness
    gender non-conformity
    face tattoos
    twitch stream playing fortnite
    how-to tutorials about your sound
    attractive female bassist

    Lemmy tier:

    Most of us are on Lemmy tier... (unless you want to suck all the cock your only option is to be interesting and make music thats true to yourself).

    • LOL that was brilliant :Dmort_
    • alas, I despair that I can only up-vote this post once.Gnash
  • mantrakid0

    Im ready to suck whatever cocks need suckin'

  • kingsteven0



  • kingsteven3

    Just announced this one today. Relaunched my old label to release a 7" I recorded by my mates' garage band The Dreads. These lads have been trying to get a record out for years and kept getting screwed over - so I took it on proper DIY style.

    Tracked it earlier this year in my rehearsal space... Will Carruthers (of Spacemen 3, Spiritualised, BJM et al) and myself designed the logo, Will designed some psychedelic silver/ white moiré artwork, carved the lino and we went back down to the rehearsal space a couple of weekends ago and printed all 300 sleeves and some posters with the band in the back room.

    7"s were printed by my45 in Germany and they turned out great... Cheaper and a lot quicker than any of the GZ resellers could do... would recommend. The only pain in the ass was having to prove the members weren't members of a licensing organisation (to get through Germanys strict piracy laws and have the records shipped).

  • mantrakid3

    Made a lil website for the project. Getting amped to actually put something out man oh man.

  • kingsteven1

    Big box of my second physical release of October arrived at the weekend! This one is from my band Documenta.

    Didn't plan to have two releases out a week apart (next one is at least 6 months away) but kinda nice as we're putting together one big Halloween release party, and come November I can take the label hat off for a while and get on to producing the next 2 (or 3)!

    A 'joint' release between Touch Sensitive Records and my DIY imprint... which basically means T.S.R. (amazing label with good distro) were happy to put our logo on it because there was absolutely no fucking around in production, we had one meeting and a few weeks later wesendit'ed all the files to them (which means a lot to a label - i've heard some horror stories over the years!) Hoping to do something similar for future releases.

    Previous post about this record on recent work thread:…

    Pre-order/ stream:…

    • *wesenditified ?kingsteven
    • boomkat looks a cool store ... boomkat bookmarked!microkorg
    • boomkat is great! good digital distro/ loads of exclusives and free shipping on physical orders over £50.kingsteven