Guns in America

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  • microkorg

    A special interactive piece by Time Magazine and French street artist JR.…

    Theres a 'making of' video here

    Some real touching, shocking and some surprisingly 'normal' people stories.

  • Bennn2

    The guns thing is rooted so deeply into American Culture, it would take generations to change it just a bit.

    The Americans lives in fear, they don't know from what they're afraid precisely, but they're afraid. Like a huge catastrophe is just around the corner, all the time.

    Also, they're stuck in a downward spiral, the more people get guns, the more people wants gun to protect themselves against other people who have guns. It's a never ending story.

    • not all Americansmonospaced
    • i knowBennn
    • goodmonospaced
    • Fear is a huge part of it. I live in a very pro-gun part of the country and people's reactions to me not owning any are rooted in fear.section_014
    • Fear propaganda and allowing every citizen to own multiple weapons adds to the military power of the country.sted
    • Gawd Bless Bless the Dumb Onesutopian
    • let's not forget, a lot of that fear isn't even real, it's just misplaced ignorancemonospaced
    • @Bennn, yeah, but no. You're generalizing and not clearly understanding America. You need to live in the US to get it; not just read the news & watch movies/tvchukkaphob
    • I know it's more complicated than this but I think Its a part of the portraitBennn
    • a *tiny partchukkaphob
  • BabySnakes4

    I don't live in fear of getting shot by anyone here in the states. I fear more of getting killed or injured by a drunk driver. I don't own a fire arm but i plan to purchase one soon for sport. Having it for self defense is a welcomed plus. They are not scary. If responsible people want to own firearms, why is that so wrong?

    • this

    • </thread> & </threat>chukkaphob
    • the issue is when people try to determine who exactly is responsible, and what responsible ismonospaced
    • Thats fair Mono. Not just anyone should own one. I hate the rallying of fear against fire arms just because the a loud group of people think they are too scary.BabySnakes
    • Hear hearPonyBoy
    • The fear against firearms is because of the unstable morons that own them. No rallying of fear required.comicsans
    • For every responsible owner, there's a some head-case with guns that is just looking for a reason to pull one out. I've met them, and it's unnerving.section_014
    • interesting how a few bad apples ruin drugs for everyone, but there is a seemingly unending supply of retards with guns and nothing is done about it.futurefood
    • that being said...i don't own one or fear them. but if i did, what would i shoot?futurefood
    • The moment you say "Not just anyone should own them," then a bunch of people start saying you're infringing on their "right" to.monospaced
    • Every single time someone tries to get reasonable and proposes a regulation to keep firearms out of hands of dangerous people, the NRA fights it down.monospaced
    • If you think that it's okay to have a gun for "protection" then you're already in the wrong mindset. That means you see a scenario of shooting another person.Melanie
    • Everyone can snap given the right trigger. GF/wife leaving you, your kids dying, losing your job... it can happen to everyone.dyspl
    • And if this ever happen, you -and the people around you- are way better of without a gun involved.dyspl
    • For the record.
      I do not trust anyone of you on qbn with a gun.
    • statistics say that if you life in an US household with a gun, the risk of getting shot with your own gun is very high!api
    • beside, never tell anyone you life with a gun, better look out for the right girl with weapon of choice!…api
    • https://en.m.wikiped…spunji
    • my neighbor's house was just robbed and they took his shotgun and handgun. Great now there's a criminal with guns. Please keep them locked in a safe.fooler
    • http://kelliesales.c…pango
    • I love the US but coming from Europe, walking into a cinema & seeing "no weapons beyond this point" sign reminds me what a fucked up country it isThe_Reprisalizer
    • A country where you need a gun to defend yourself is a total failure IMOThe_Reprisalizer
    • ^ not "a total failure" at all. LOL!; just a part of its culture that seems foreign to you. That's all.chukkaphob
    • ^ Lol "foreign culture" = getting sniped from a Vegas hotelThe_Reprisalizer
    • The cracking of the bullets reverberating around the sin city skyline was sublime. The rate of fire was quite something.PeterPancake
    • 'I didn't even have to use my AK, today was a good day'fadein11
    • deaths per 100k population. usa 11.96 (89 guns per 100 inhabitants), uk 0.23 (2.8 guns per 100 inhabitants) the math is simpletrooperbill
  • Bennn3

    From all the "sports" that exist, you chose shooting with a firearm? By the way it's not a sport, you won't get fit by shooting a gun.

    You know how many people started shooting just for the ''sport'' of it and end up that gun bought for sport is used to suicide, kill on purpose and by accident?

    You see, you dont see the problem.

  • Bennn1

    You know, John had a very stable life and was shooting for fun every Sundays, he did that for years. But one day he lose his job and his wife in the same year and he felt in a deep depression. The gun was there in the closet, John was in a dark spot in his life and a tool made to kill was just there ready to be picked up.

    it was just a sport.

    • stop ...monospaced
    • This is starting to come off as self righteous rather than sensitive to a very real issue we deal with in the united states.canoe
  • Bennn1

    You know, Tom had a very stable life and was shooting for fun every Sundays, he did that for years. But one day, his 4 years old son stumble on the gun Tom had by mistake forgot to lock in its case. Timmy killed his 6 years old sister by accident.

    it was just a sport.

  • Bennn0

    You know, Harry had a very stable life and was shooting for fun with his son every Sundays, he did that for years. But one day, his 17 years old son who was victim of bullying at school since a long time decided to bring the gun at the school.

    it was just a sport.

  • docpoz3

    all of you are gun toting farmers

  • fooler0

    Seriously, my neighbors house was broken into and they stole his shotgun and handgun. Now there is a know criminal on the streets with firearms. If you are going to own guns please keep them locked in a safe.

    • damn straight... make sure that safe is heavy as fuck tooPonyBoy
    • and when/if you get attacked, u tell the intruder "hold up, I gotta go to the safe, unlock it, load up my gun, and then we can continue w your attack"Krassy
    • when you're home all your 'safe' need be is the crack of your pants (or up front at your junk)... it's when you leave that you lock that shit down :)PonyBoy
    • got it. LOLKrassy
    • @Krassy use a lock box with finger recognition like I do numb nutz. You can buy one on amazon for less than $100.fooler
    • @fooler still not enough time. C'mon. Haha!Krassy
    • @Krassy you’ve already lost if all you worry about is home invasion response time but by all means come over and see what’s mine.fooler
    • you rocking your built-in holster in the front or back of your yoga pants, fooler?
    • Bothfooler
    • nice... careful not to cap a nut during a downward dogPonyBoy
    • yeah don’t cap a nut okay?monospaced
    • @fooler you're missing my pointKrassy
    • am I?fooler
    • someone stole a car once and committed a crime with said car. something must be done.imbecile
    • FAILdocpoz
  • PonyBoy2




  • oey-3

    There was a stencil around 2000 in my town:

    "Who's afraid buys a dog"

  • maquito5

  • PhanLo0

    • Say what you want about this guy...but Bobo sure loves is freedumb.utopian
    • He gets excited talking about gun models used in mass murders going up in price a wee bit too much. Suppose it's his business.PhanLo
    • He didn't seem too sad about his wife either, just that her getting killed by a smoke grenade turned projectile stopped his tv series from airing.PhanLo
    • Probably a good laugh to hang out with for an afternoon.PhanLo
  • PhanLo0


  • whatthefunk5

    • And the vast majority of mass shooters legally own the guns they used to murder people.i_monk
  • crazyprick6

    Americans are too stupid to realize they're being buttfucked by the gun lobby. It's all about selling guns, not keeping Americans safe.

    • I think even some of the stupid Americans know this. They just want their guns.CyBrainX
    • It's all about the fetishization of guns. People make excuses for this with their "2nd Amendment" and "protection" crap.formed
    • We are not too stupid to realize this. You have to be willfully ignorant to say something so fucking “stupid” yourself.monospaced
    • OR you only just realized this and are announcing it like it’s some revelation, in which case again you are ducking stupid for being ignorant until nowmonospaced
    • Jokes on you, I knew, but pretended I didn't.hydro74
    • Hydro74 has the right attitude!palimpsest
    • Around half of Americans see gun violence as a very big problem. The other half is too busy stuffing their retarded mouths with flaming hot Cheetos.crazyprick
    • As I lifelong gun owner, I have always seen the NRA for what they are. I also think that most Americans shouldn't have them. They're too prone to rage.garbage
    • Scroll up to the foaming at the mouth "ducking stupid" clapback in these notes, lol.garbage
    • lol at foaming, but to say that Americans are stupid and that’s why this is happening is ignorant as fuck and defending that position makes you sound retardedmonospaced
    • Most Americans are smart enough to know that guns aren’t necessary for anyone to own and that the gun lobby is republican corruption embodied.monospaced
    • Gun lobby doesn’t even pretend to be about safety. Fucking moron.monospaced
    • You love the guns, you love the gun culture. You wank to westerns. Fucking faggot ass retard.crazyprick
    • I don't even know what's going on here, but it seems angry, hence the "foaming". You're clearly triggered.garbage
    • Also I assumed we weren't in a grade-school class, but I should probably note: adults don't sling "retard" or "faggot" as insults. You two get a room.garbage
    • The correct term is down-syndromed.palimpsest
    • I think you mean neurologically diverse you spaz.MrT
    • Yes, let's have this conversation. I'm sure we'll arrive at new exiting conclusions.jagara
    • lol, can't wait. I'm waiting to be called a "faggot retard" even after I've explained that I'm a leftist gun-owner that thinks most people shouldn't have them.garbage
    • I don't have a CCW or CCP, and I don't carry because I'm not living in perpetual fear like most gun nuts.garbage
    • But a rifle is a pretty nice tool to have when remote camping for long stretches in bear country.garbage
    • Okay, freethinkers. I don't give a fuck about you (individually), the country has a big fucking problem, and what is being done? Hello Kitty AK-47.crazyprick
    • "faggot ass" should have a hyphen when used as an adjective, retardcotton
    • I'm such a faggy bitchcrazyprick