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  • noRGB3

    It’s gonna be an odd time of year to be here due to the cold, both the weather, and the generally reclusive attitudes here. Outdoor stuff will be hit or miss depending on weather. Since you’re here for work I’m gonna assume you’re gonna want to do mostly bars and food. Here is my personal list of unmissable stuffs:

    Capitol Hill circuit: Canon for mixology, Paquito’s for the guacamole and jalapeño margarita, Unicorn for PBR and pinball machines, Mama’s Pizza for your late night slice, drop in on Dick Blick superstore for a souvenir Copic marker, then swing back to Lost Lake for beers and 24-hr diner snacks.

    Downtown-ish circuit: Pike Place brewery for a fresh pint (IMO, skip the market and Starbucks, but check out the nasty gum wall on the way to the brewery, take a water taxi across to Alki beach and hit Salty’s for a $36 unlimited seafood brunch (fresh crab, mussels, oysters, shrimp galore), back to downtown proper to North Face, Fjallraven or Arcteryx flagship stores for some shopping, walk to RN74 (amazing food and service), or Barrio (best tacos in town) for dinner, or grab an Uber to Dick’s, the local, cheap, brow bag burger takeout spot. For more drinking, and hip-hop over the house speakers, check out Captain Black’s, or any of the dive-y bars around it.

    West Seattle, lots of options too. Of note, Ma’ono, super fresh sushi in an intimate and artsy atmosphere. My wife and I go here once a year for date night. Din Tai Fung has several locations in the area, one of the best dim sum establishments.

    More good brunch options: Smith, The commons, Heathland Hotel, Brown Bag cafe, Maltby’s, Jay Berry’s, Neu (also in Capitol Hill), Crumpet Shop, Morsel

    More lunch / dinner goodies: Broiler Bay burgers, Hotel albatross in ballard (and Ocho next door), Yakiniku (grill your own premium meats, wagyu, Kobe, etc), Canlis for fancy dress up dinner that’s out of this world, Honey Court (24 hr Chinese takeaway),

    So many breweries here you could visit: Rogue, Pyramid, Knee High, Tin Lizzy, Pike Place, etc etc.

    Dilletante dessert bar, Maggie Moo’s ice cream, or Dahlia Lounge for world famous Boston’s Creme Pie. Couple famous chocolatiers here too.

    Feeling outdoorsy? Golden Gardens beach or discovery park for light walking, maybe event Kirkland waterfront. Pine Lake or Snoqualmie Falls are about 30-45 away each, great fodder for your Instagram feed. So many hiking options, too many to name.

    Other attractions: There’s a ton of casinos here as well as poker houses. I recommend Fortune Poker in Renton with some $100 buy-in tables. Boeing Museum (currently featuring the 100 years of flight exhibit which is awesome). The EMP museum is dope — a four story museum about pop culture, including Paul allen’s personals Star Trek and sci-fi costume collection. Also a nice poster show of the Ames Brothers work with Pearl Jam in the 90s

    Beers to check out: Space Dust and Dayglow IPA from Elysian Brewery, Boundary Bay IPA, Breakside IPA, Wanderlust IPA, Black market liberation IPA (Nitro), pretty much all IPAs up here. Also mac and jacks and manny’s pale ale are the local favorites, along with Rainier Beer, the local PBR (and is actually brewed by PBR now). I don’t care for any of the 3 but the locals love em.

    Ok I’m sleepy now. Hope that helps. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

  • antonyjwhite1

    Top Pot doughnut's!

    • Good call. And General Porpoise, for their maple bars and other tasty doughnut treats.noRGB
  • antonyjwhite1

    Dick's Diner

  • fooler1

    Obviously, watch them throw fish at the Pike Place Market.

    Do you like cured meats? I love this lunch deli...

    The Filson Flagship store is a cool retail experience especially if you like the lumbersexual look...…

    Shorty's is a cool dive bar with lots of pinball machines...

  • colin_s1

    there's a dope leftist / anarchist bookstore in pike place:

    lower cap hill is a pretty rad hood to just bounce around in. elliott bay bookstore there is another one to check out. plenty of local pubs and cafes.

    the frye art museum is free and usually has solid exhibitions (you just missed quenton baker which is too bad, but… for what is on now)

    if you are a twin peaks fan snoqualamie falls is maybe an hour drive outside the city and a bunch of people make the drive out there for the iconic photo