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  • ideaist24

    The work of my wife, BUT:

    All done on iPad Pro 12.9", Apple Pencil, keyboard/case AND Procreate.

    Published (locally) by In The Hills magazine: https://www.inthehills.ca/2020/0….

    Super proud AND it's her first illustration project (on iPad) AND her first written (on iPad), published article.

    : )

    • https://ruthannpearc…ideaist
    • awesome_niko
    • Nice !Gnash
    • I just ordered a paperlike screen protector. It’s supposed to mimic the feel of drawing on paper. I just can’t get used to the slippery screenGnash
    • https://paperlike.co…Gnash
    • I haven't installed my "Paper Like" screen film yet, do you like it Gnash?utopian
    • nice illustrationsutopian
    • SkillllllsPhanLo
    • I haven’t received it yet. But I’m optimisticGnash
    • Awesome work! Your wife has talent!Smurf
    • These are beautifulSlashPeckham
    • Gnash, it’s the main reason I haven’t bought an iPad again, but if the paper screen works I’ll probably pull the trigger._niko
    • That’s great, wow.NBQ00
    • +helloeatbreathedrive
    • That's nice work. @Gnash, let us know how you get on with the screen protector, that's a great idea if it works well.Wolfboy
    • nice!milfhunter
    • lots of penis shaped objects that your wife paintsmekk
    • (˵ ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆˵)mekk
    • Where do you see a penis like form ?i_was
    • shrooms have something penissy to memekk
    • You guys are fantastic; thank you for all relevant AND irrelevant comments.

    • Nice, how long did it take her in total?Maaku
    • @Maaku She's saying "30-40 hours" give-or-take. Some learning curve in Procreate. She was paid $2000 for writing/illustrating... which is okay AND again learning.ideaist
    • Best way of learning :)Maaku
    • daaaaamn!dopepope
  • NBQ004

    Procreate update coming with 3D models paint/ texture feature and optimized for new M1 iPad Pro‘s: https://procreate.art/ipad/previ…

    This tool is getting so powerful.

    • I've had mine less than two years, but I'm thinking about upgrading to a new M1 model.Wolfboy
    • I HATE drawing on the slick glass of the iPad. I ordered one of those textured screen things to mimic paper, but suckedGnash
    • Gnash gen a pencil feltip insteadgrafician
    • ^ what the... lol, they have those? I thought I searched pretty well. OopsGnash
    • Seen some ads on instagram with one of those, seem like a rubber feltip over the pencil tip and no more slick glass slip on the screengrafician
    • https://pen.tips/grafician
    • How long before Apple or Adobe buys Procreate out?utopian
    • Why on earth does apple not make a rubberized tip for some friction then? We have to buy this 5 cent technology for $50 from these dudes? Lol_niko
    • Gnash, what’s wrong with the textured screen? I’ve heard good things about them, is it that it dulls the graphics? Or is it still too slick?_niko
    • Just get a matte screen protector. I have one and it feels great while drawingscarabin
  • shapesalad3

    Don’t get the iPad Air or any iPad with a small screen. Just made that mistake, now returning . Getting a refurbished 12.9” same price as new air, far more usable.

    • 10.5 or 11 is perfectnb
    • I wish Apple would make a 15’’ or 16’’ version.NBQ00
    • 12.9 is too heavynb
    • Not at all. Are you a baby?NBQ00
    • @nb are you a hobbit? 12.9 is normal!grafician
    • try to use procreate or anything with a 10.5, it's nonsense!grafician
    • @NBQ 14" would be actually really good and I think they will make onegrafician
    • I wish but I assume they think practical and will keep current sizes because of the accessories/ magic keyboard.NBQ00
    • 12.9 is greatGnash
    • I wish they came biggerscarabin
  • nb0

    The iPad Pro is truly one of Apple's best products EVER but really requires an Apple Keyboard and the Apple Pencil to shine.

    iPad Pro -- $799 to $2199
    Apple Pencil -- $99
    Apple Keyboard -- $179 (or $299*)

    *to be fair, the expensive keyboard is a waste of money.

    So yeah, base model (new:) $1076 usd. YIKES!

    • You should‘ve invested in Apple in the 80‘s like mono.NBQ00
    • yep, if i had one it'd come in at £2k+ so i'll stick to me macpro and a pencil and paper.hans_glib
    • I can afford it, picked up an Refurb older gen. Total paid less than $500! Also Cellular seems dumb... just tether to your phone.nb
    • but phones cost more and they don't do half the things, especially with the pencil and drawing etc_niko
    • @nb is correct. The case is the only thing that boggle my mind @ cost. We got one and my brother said I should be embarrassed by the price I paid.

      : )
    • It is true that many iPhones are even more expensive than this... and that is FUCKING ABSURDnb
    • That's the power of "one of these devices is a necessity and the other is a frivolity in your mind"nb
  • ideaist1

    It's out:

    Adobe Photoshop (iOS)


    • $10- a month, is 4 real?utopian
    • I think that is WITHOUT creative cloud; it's included with CC.

      I think.
    • Adobe is a rip-off on iPad. Yes if you have a CC subscription and if it's free then all good. But the standalone price is too much considering Affinity priceNBQ00
    • It's pure fucking garbage. Workflow is broken, layers are shit, hardly any tools, and the brushes lag like fuck. Buy Procreate or Art Studio Pro instead.face_melter
    • Have you tried it? From what I've seen in the Adobe Max Demo it doesn't look that bad.NBQ00
    • I've NOT tried it; it seems @face_melter has and (tell me if i'm wrong) did NOT enjoy it!

      I'm anxiously awaiting illustrator, especially since...
    • ...https://www.engad...

      If you're in CC again, you're good. If not, you're fucked.
  • ideaist1

    I'm looking at the iPad Pro for my wife who's a professional artist / illustrator right now. We've used versions of the following in the past, BUT haven't in the past year(s) with the Pencil, larger screen, iPadOS, etc.


    Affinity Designer









    Let me/us know if you find any of them useful. Really looking (like most) to replace the Adobe suite across mediums.

    : )

    • ALSO, iPadOS is out in public beta.

      On macOS Cataline 10.15 Beta (2). It's great BUT still has small issues...
    • Procreate I dig.ben_
    • I found Graphic really useful as I tried to work from an iPad only, BUT needed a more capable tool.

      It's come along since AND Affinity Designer has arrived.
    • Graphic vs Affinity Designer. Both look great.nb
    • graphic looks coolimbecile
  • shapesalad0

    Have been using Fresco for storyboarding, actually works really well.

    Drawing tools and UI/ux and nicer than Procreate for storyboarding level sketching.

    Love the fact I can quickly send it to desktop illustrator/photoshop.

    • Agree, Fresco is nice and the best if you're already living in Adobistannb
    • Got it installed on my Surface ;) yes, niceOBBTKN
    • Have you tried illustrator yet? I’m liking it so farGnash
    • yes, to illy, need to spend more time on it.shapesalad
  • NBQ000

    • This isn't the iPad product review thread, thanks.nb
    • Nice keyboard.Gnash
    • Because it could be useful for design(ers)NBQ00
    • I use my Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad - the addition of a track pad would make a big differenceGnash
    • But it looks like this thing doesn’t offer much edge protectionGnash
    • We have the initial "Smart Keyboard Folio". I think it's great, BUT fuck these things are pricey.

      This one is CAD $449.00!
    • iPad Pro + Smart Keys + Apple Pencil is a true dream come true for design research, conceptual stuff, planning, drawing, writing, and much more. Worth it.nb
  • ideaist0

    Trying to find a route for proper font management between:

    RightFont 5 (MacOS)



    RightFont (iOS/iPadOS)


    Anyone find a "silver bullet" for font management yet on iPadOS?

    • That seems nice. The other option is Adobe Creative Cloud app & fonts.NBQ00
    • Yeah, i like the idea of using my own library (perhaps NOT all of my type library is "legally obtained"...)

      Adobe's catalog seems quite limited to me.
    • And adobe cc fonts only works within the adobe ecosystem. Need one that allows access to all, like suitcase does on desktopGnash
    • Also @Gnash's point.ideaist
    • Quickly read this as "trying to find a paper route.."stoplying
  • Wolfboy1

    I got a 12.9"

    Stop it Frankie!

    I got a 12.9" pro recently and although not software I thought I'd share the case I've bought to go with it:


    I've read poor things about the Apple case with keyboard so I shopped around and settled on this one. For 55 notes, I'd recommend it. It's a little heavier that the Apple one, but the protection is excellent, the keyboard is good to use and I really like the way it twists back on itself to go into table mode. Also, and I think this is vital for any case, it provides a safe storage port for your pencil.

    I should say, although the images in the product description show the inside which make is all look very shiny, the outside is actually a soft-touch matt finish. It looks great right now but it will probably be a finger print magnifier.

    • I have the Smart Folio from Apple. It's good, compact, sleek. But that also means you only have 2 screen-position modes and no key backlighting.NBQ00
    • Yep, thet're a couple of the things I'd read about it. I'm working on a graphic novel at the mo so I wanted to something that would be good for...Wolfboy
    • ...writing & drawing. So the totally adjustable position when it's in tablet form is important.Wolfboy
    • Wow that makes it look like a real laptopyuekit
  • Leigh0

    Adobe Fresco App comings soon.

    • It's already out a while ago.NBQ00
    • it's adobe so fuck that shithans_glib
    • feels like corel paint was doing this a decade ago._niko
    • Been playing with it and it hasn’t lived up to my expectations. But I’m new to drawing digitally so I don’t have a very informed opinionGnash
  • _niko0

    I loved corel painter, anything similar on iPad?

    I find most of these have way too many features and style options can get pretty overwhelming.

    I still love the feel of pencil on paper, i know there are screens to mimic the texture but i wonder how close the iPad Pro and pen is getting to this?

    • procreate.gonzalle
    • I haven't looked into any screen overlays, but the stock pencil and screen don't offer that tactile feel you're after.ben_
    • I've read about designers using a matte friction sticker. I also love real paper and real pencils, but have difficulty exporting to SVG ;)nb
    • But yeah it feels like smooth plastic on glass, as it is. Not at all like traditional art materials.nb
    • I draw on ipad pro (procreate) and a matte screen protector is a must, it adds a nice toothy feel to the drawing. its not quite like paper but it is lovely :Dmantrakid
  • maquito1

    The new 13’’, 512gb, with Wi-Fi + Cellular (not the cheapest, but the most reasonable) costs $1,600.

    I’d love to have it, but it’s way too expensive imo. I’m still paying for my $2,800, 2020 macbook, and only God knows how long will my iphone XR last until they decide to make it useless via updates... I literally work for months uniquely to pay for this gadgets.

    Nada... juguetes caros, si los hay.

    • I still have my 2012 ipad 3 -which is currently my son’s toy-, and it was $500 back then. That’s A THIRD of what the new one costs nowadays..maquito
    • „Stop being poor.“ — Paris HiltonNBQ00
  • nb1

    Being able to use full Figma in the browser... game changer!

    Now I just need to figure out how to use Figma with fonts.

    • I wish Sketch had a web versionNBQ00
    • They do, it's called Figma! ;)nb
    • Note: figma doesn't really work in the browsernb
    • I mean on the iPad. You can look at files but you can't really worknb
  • Gnash1

    anybody using affinity designer on the iPad? Wondering if I can open/edit/save .ai files. Need to edit some illy files on-the-go but will need to open again in illy.

    • You CAN, with mixed results. Especially due to font compatibility limitations.

      Such is life (for now).
    • Thanks. Figured as muchGnash
  • utopian0

    What is the verdict?

    Procreate $10-
    Affinity Designer $20-

    • Pros and Cons???utopian
    • I’m grinding it out in the adobe ecosystem (because free).Gnash
    • got bothgrafician
  • NBQ00-1

    Photoshop for iPad should be released soon: https://9to5mac.com/2019/10/17/p…

    • Has anyone been invited to the beta?ideaist
    • "... with missing features" LOL - get a surface with windows, BOOM full CC on a tablet.zarkonite
    • That's not the same. This is a real tablet/ MOBILE OS. Adobe will update the missing features later. You could just use Affinity too, very powerfulNBQ00
    • Right, it's not a computer. A Surface can be a tablet AND a computer. Still amazed how many sacrifice so much for the Apple name.formed
    • The iPadOS is actually very powerful now. And feels more fresh than macOS or Windows. Different approach.NBQ00
    • So it's been marginally close to a real OS for a few months and I'm supposed to jump for joy? It'll slide back in their mind and fallback like all their otherzarkonite
    • products. I don't understand why professionals put up with this crap, you're less productive 50% of the time and now they can barely catch up when they update.zarkonite
    • ^ Agreed. I never understood, but then again I don't get waiting in line for a phone, either, or paying more for less, for that matter.formed
  • desmo1

    I just picked up the 11" iPad Pro for this very purpose. I downloaded Procreate and Affinity. Noticing its quite powerful as I'm starting to dig into it. A bit of a learning curve though with gestures and finding where tools are.

    The iPad will really open up when the new OS comes out. Looking forward to that.

    Hoping we'll be able to use figma or sketch on the iPad too.

    • I wonder how figma or sketch will handle font management on the iPad. Do you have a font manager rn?zarkonite
    • Custom Fonts can be installed for use across the system, perfect for creating beautiful documents on iPad. Fonts from boutique and major vendors such as Adobe.ideaist
    • ^ From apple.comideaist
    • Con't: "..., DynaComware, Monotype, Morisawa and Founder will be available on the App Store."ideaist
    • RightFont 5 creator has an iOS version: https://apps.apple.c…. Haven't tried it yet...ideaist
    • Nice, thanks for the info.zarkonite
  • NBQ000

    • Since CRT screens moved to LCD... I have no idea what all these terms, OLED, Retina.. no idea, don't care, just noticed screens are too bright these days.shapesalad
    • “Signs your getting old” for you :)NBQ00
  • scarabin0

    Anyone else have the Apple folio and the cheap crimped edges are coming apart? I can’t believe a $150+ Apple product would be built like a shitty Trapper Keeper and last me only a year.

    So anyway, i guess i’m shopping for a new keyboard now.

    • Yeah a touch; certainly feels "cheap" for an expensive-ish product...

      ...I told my brother how much I paid for it and he said I should be "embarrassed".

    • It totally sucks. Mine has is a messGnash