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  • autoflavour

    So addictive

  • Continuity1

    What is it?

  • ETM0

    Vine 2.0

  • BusterBoy5

    If I see any self proclaimed social media guru preaching business needs to get on board with TikTok...I'll punch em in the face.

    • you really need to get on tiktok, it's the future of the worldhans_glib
    • Isn't it's user base 50/50 children and pedos?PhanLo
    • And racists?Salarrue
    • gary vee.umbee54
    • yes garyvee...he needs some disclosure as to how much he's invested in it. He pumped up snapchat for ages also.BusterBoy
    • its happeninn. my company started spinning up strategy for it lolBrokenHD
    • Then avoid Gary Vaynerchuk, that's all he can talk about these days.zarkonite
  • Hayzilla2

    How the bloody hell Vine collapsed and the same thing appeared with a different name and is MASSIVE is baffling to me! I liked Vine. Fuck TikTok though.

    • different geographic market.
      tiktok is owned by chinese company.
    • I would be interested to know this too. I thought Vine was awesome. Mindless, addictive garbage, but awesome.eighteen
    • you can attach licensed music to your posts via the interface. artists get credit etc.mantrakid
    • also lots of 'collab'-like tools -- where you can like use another posts audio or do a 'duet' with another post (showing your and their vids simultaneously)mantrakid
    • the core audience is kids. so many fucking kids.mantrakid
  • microkorg0

    Also making folk pop stars too.

  • Beeswax5

    It disgusts me ...

  • fyoucher10

    My daughter and her friends have been on it non-stop for months. Guess it's more like Instagram with an actual live chat (guess IG has that too but don't think folks really use it). I could be making that up.

  • Maaku0

    Great, another product nobody asked for.

  • _niko2

    qbn used to be the spot for all things new tech wise, now every time I try to one-up my kids I always get "dad, that's ancient, where've you been?"

    • take it to the "you know when you're old" threadhans_glib
    • Any of you guys on this ICQ thing? I just downloaded it ...Continuity
    • good timespango
  • utopian0

    Its for Tweens and Millennials

  • uan0

    first chinese internet technology that spreads to the west at big scale.

    it got big in china partnering and promoting the music industry.

  • BusterBoy3

    Fucken mindless garbage for kids to get hooked on.

  • eighteen3

    haha you guys are old

    • This isnt a product nobody asked for, its Vine coming back because it was so insanely populareighteen
    • 6 second content is the best kindeighteen
    • and yes it will and IS being used for advertising. Why not?eighteen
  • Bennn0


    not sure i'm comfortable watching 14-16 years old girls trying to be as sexy as possible ... Tiktok is twisted, probably a place of choice for all the pedos out there

    • Sounds perf for certain users here.ben_
    • Maybe you shouldn't watch then?eighteen
    • I dont watch, just visited their Youtube to see what you guys are talking about. I got the point pretty quickly... Cute girls acting sexy resume the whole thingBennn
    • As I said earlier, it's userbase is 50% children, 50% pedos.PhanLo
    • have you seen instagram or facebook? or myspace? or friendster?pango
    • i clicked the link. scrubbed and don't understand why anyone would give a fuck. however never jumping on social media bandwagon i dont even need much of a phonedeathboy
    • probably one of those things that seems cool like in highschool when you actually participatedeathboy
  • autoflavour2

    pffft, you guys are haters .. its hilarious..

  • formed0

    Glad to see another "social" tool boom overnight.....that means it could all vanish overnight, too. Fingers crossed.

    • they've been around for at least 2 years or longer.pango
  • Hayoth2

    • first day on the internet?pango
    • < ha!Hayoth
    • That pc tower says forever alone.zarkonite
    • im confused why he has followers and producing stuff talking about other stuff which is largely pointless and i struggle figuring out any demo that watchs etherdeathboy
    • i just dont get any of it.deathboy
    • I assume he has a huge following from QBN members. Old people who likes to complain about stuffs.pango
  • deathboy-1

    Ha my indian/muslim? pal at the 7/11 who sells me my convenience stuff is always on a phone watching shit. I said what you watching and he said tiktok.... his broken english response is like live stream stuff... I said so like a vine or something. we both lost interest clearly not understanding each other and shrugged huh well i guess i dont get it on both sides. But im curious wether dumb shitty applications might make menial work easier and more cost effective . let people stream shit and expect 50-70% work being absolutely placated. A write off as other areas of basic labor have greater yields through basic menial info input.

    • you sure he's your pal?pango
    • well no hes not my pal i thought it was obvious in the context.deathboy
    • ya in the context it's pretty clear. but the first sentence you also called him pal... you see where the confusion is?pango
    • yea that's my style of humor. typically we all call people friend pal, amigo, boss, or something but acknowledging in a detail likely not the case... i go hehedeathboy
    • of course there is also a larger human aspect to that in positive thinking everyone is a friend by default.... but too layered.deathboy
    • The idea of you not being yurimon scares me more than the idea of you being yurimon.
      Yes, I'm scared.
  • pango2

    this really is just old people complaining about new things they don't understand or enjoy because they didn't grow up with it.

    Conrad Gessner, a Swiss biologist in the 16th century, really didn’t like the invention of the printing press because, he felt, it would lead to information overload. He urged various monarchs to regulate the trade, so the public wouldn’t have to suffer with the “confusing and harmful abundance of books.”
    ^ old people complaining about books.

    Socrates was not big on actually committing ideas to paper, for example, because he thought it would result in peoples’ memories getting worse. In his own words, “This discovery of yours will create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember of themselves.”
    ^ old people complaining about writing things on paper.

    CNN article about email hurting the IQ “more than pot” might be something from the early 1990s, but nope, it was published in 2005.
    ^ I wonder what the writer thinks of the methods people send messages today.

    • its not all luddite stuff. there is actual concern for culture obsessed with pointless media and its larger effects.deathboy
    • neil postman wrote plenty about it expertly and think has been provenquite correctly since the 60s about damages of such media.deathboy
    • think a world where heroine has never been declared something bad or harmful... because the dealers are in control. And even education partakes in it. screws updeathboy
    • social nature of tinks. a cultural hiccup to be fixed or to be used as a tool to subjugate politically.deathboy
    • ya and people didn't think highly of radio in 30, because it diminished reading and writing.pango
    • and i dont know of the socrates quote but being a fan of socrates i think you miss the message which i could see familair with him.deathboy
    • and don't tell me you genuinely don't know people do pointless stuffs for amusement.pango
    • To create forgetfullness outside memories is to create blind acceptance. Blind faith in written word like the bible without free think to challenge.deathboy
    • there are always people complaining about the next generation or "concern". but then they turn out fine and go on complaining about the next gen because theypango
    • that would be his fear. tik tok is a useless entertainment gadget that does have ability to falsely sell its relevance.deathboy
    • didn't do it the way it was done in the previous generation.pango
    • and entice fools to follow. adn frankly for the life of me i cant imagien why people concern themselves with ppl they dont knowdeathboy
    • i think social media apps reduce users to grade school shit. condenses the world so small. usually kids mature out of school relizing world is largedeathboy
    • u get those dumb jocks who cant adjsut of course in popular movies. but social media is regressing ppl to think they need to be concerned with peopel they dont.deathboy
    • don't tell me people never write dumb garbage novel like 50shadeOfGrey in the 17th or 18th century. The only diff is people do it them.pango
    • pushing feeds and relevance. I think somehwere people would generally not care but beign connected and dopamine hits and fake closeness they think they need todeathboy
    • care. which makes me question if your parents growing up told you, you have to care about what the most popular kid in school doesdeathboy
    • what he says and try your best to follow their lead and rise to similar standing. everything in social media culture seems to be exactly that without any humilideathboy
    • ty and just pride. call it old ppl complaing about new things, but not things they dont understand. things they find culturally perverse in followingdeathboy
    • ya i completely lost what you're saying when you write at the same time as me... =___=pango
    • rationally and logically. and to the detriment of ppl following it. You post and no follower you are worthless. Best shoot up a school. Where aredeathboy
    • rationally acceptable stanrads when tryign to gain "followers" hell being a follower was an insult in my day. the script has been flipped so harddeathboy
    • wow how this get to school shooting? stretch much?pango
    • instead of being the bitter old man about the current and pinning for the imagined past. Go do what you enjoy doing.pango
    • overall population will be just fine with out your concern. given that you're not the first person to concern about new gen in history.pango
    • unless you like to bitter or "concern" .... if that's the case then i'm speechless.pango
    • I always go and do what i enjoy pango. but i also can be concerned with pop culture. this isnt a iron maiden AR acid king thing. It's not pokemon or 90210. itsdeathboy
    • more looking at what drives, the incentives and the value of the medium. the way it shapes people to think and perceive. really check out neil postmandeathboy
    • amusing ourselves to death is quite a fantastic read. dont think everyone is a luddite for not agreeing they just see things you missed.deathboy
    • whatever you're concerned with, people been doing that since forever. seeking social validation. only difference is scale, accessibility and a recorded video.pango
    • yea the scale is what concerns me. on the academic level... working backwards through postsdeathboy
  • pango2

    you guys are like those Christian moms complaining about the beetles.

    but a couple of decades late
    "the beetles? pffff bitch please"

    • like iron maiden is devil music?deathboy
    • to each there own, but i think what the majority of people consume is more heroin than they know.deathboy
    • and that is something you need to talk to a heroin user about. Its like krok. shit can make you fiend in one hit by gaming youdeathboy
    • check the value/vs controldeathboy
    • also what is major difference between vine... is vine still a thing. it was in adweek long time ago. just a latest silicon valley reboot. spiderman 5deathboy
    • iron maiden? bitch please. that's dad rock now a day.pango
    • couldn't really tell you about vine. it was gone before i noticed its existence.pango
    • exactly. this will probably fade to liek that other social media site that was popular here... cant recall the name.deathboy
    • but one has to question growing up and perceiving world through screens and msotly being monkey see monkey do chasing carrots and positive incentivesdeathboy
    • teh jackass show inlfuenced a ton of peopel to film stupid shit. however cable and not always connected and fed... the way people opt in makesdeathboy
    • there worldview more skewed... like high school. You base your entire existence on how like a 100 kids connect with you. That is your world.deathboy
    • Have to really look at informational mediums and question wether they change a thing or not. Might not for soem, but seeing the majoirty people behavior theydeathboy
    • change a shit ton mroe than they liek to admit or acceptdeathboy
    • and for someone to be so ass hurt about someone not liking an app... are you a shareholder or work for it. or jsut a huge fan like the rick and morty weirdosdeathboy
    • pffff i'm on a wholenother level. i'm complaining about people complaining. this world has got too many people complaining.pango
    • we have snowflake millennials complaining about everything. and then genX and boomers trying to out snowflakes millennials.pango
    • quit fucking complaining and go enjoy your life. go do something productive. and if you see someone doing stupid shit to be amused, leave them be.pango
    • fuck most fun stuffs are stupid if you ask me.pango
    • lol well i do share your exact sentiment on that. its dumb shit why complain. Just happened to be the lense i was looking at it through.deathboy
    • And personally I do find it more curious why I have 0 desire but others do. What are the differences. Self improvement starts with knowing oneself in relationdeathboy
    • to environment.deathboy
    • you choose a lense we can all enjoydeathboy
    • well keep at it then. out snowflake the snowflakes.pango
    • haha i think you still maybe missed the point with that remark.deathboy
    • relativity is the word of the daydeathboy
    • nahh your pointless complain just adds to the pile of pointless complain. it's more additive than relative.pango
    • think you missed all the points... but choose to complain about your perception of me complaining pointlessly... hehedeathboy
    • is it not pointless? what outcome do you expect to come out of this?pango